Your child’s haircut

How to deal with haircut tantrums, the top child-friendly hair salons, and a round-up of celebrity child hairstyles.


About to have your child’s hair cut for the first time? Or just dreading the next trim after what happened last time? Don’t pick up a pair of scissors until you’ve checked out this advice…


We’ve hunted down the best children-only hair salons throughout the UK. These places are child-focused, child-friendly and staffed by hairdressers used to cutting children’s hair, so you don’t have to make excuses or cringe if a tantrum kicks off.

We’ve also got advice on how to get your toddler’s hair cut, or even washed, when they’re adamant they won’t have it done. It’s a key toddler stand-off, but this practical advice will help your negotiate your toddler’s behaviour.

For style inspiration, we’ve looked to the offspring of celebrities for trends. Make sure you see what cute looks the celebrity girls and celebrity boys are wearing.


And don’t miss our haircut news and gossip – there’s the toddler whose life was saved by getting a David Beckham style haircut, the ex-Spice Girl and child rocking “mini me” hairstyles earlier this year, and Angelina Jolie talking about cutting Shiloh’s hair so she can be like a boy.

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