Your toddler at 19 months

Wow! Look at her growing physical confidence and curiosity...


What’s happening with your toddler?

By 19 months, he may have reached the following stages:


Body Parts – Look mummy! He may now be able to name some of his body parts especially some of the easier words like ‘nose’ or ‘head’ and he will be able to respond and point to them when you ask him. Similarly, he may be able to point to objects in a picture and name them.

Catch me if you can His running skills are developing now and he’s probably less flat footed – fortunately you should still be able to outpace him! You will see his physical ability growing, as well as his strength and confidence. But remember he’s still a toddler. He doesn’t yet have the same balance, coordination, and judgment of an older child.

Dumping objects He will be able to empty sand from a bucket or drop objects in imitation of your actions.

What’s that? Or ‘dots dat’?… He’ll be busy pointing at things endlessly asking you over and over to name different objects.

How you can help your toddler this month

A new baby? A baby sibling may be on the horizon to share the limelight with… Do expect him to be more demanding and to want and need more of you. Try to keep as many of the old routines as possible and don’t expect him to feel as pleased about the new baby as you are! Once his little brother or sister arrives, try to give him some special attention and time to himself so that he doesn’t feel pushed out, such as his own special story time. Don’t worry if some of his behaviour or skills regress – he wants to be your little baby again, too.

Your toddler’s health

Vitamins There are many different vitamin supplements available for toddlers – some doctors will recommend them, whilst others will say they are not required if he has a balanced and varied diet. If you are at all worried about his diet, try keeping a food diary and speak to your health visitor. If in doubt, a vitamin supplement may make sense but remember it can’t replace a good diet.


Play ideas for your toddler

Dressing up He may now become interested in dressing up – trying on your shoes and carrying bags and hats.  As invites to children’s parties start to appear there is often an opportunity for fancy dress. Begin a collection of old clothes and accessories and look out for fun items in second hand clothes shops.

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