Messy eaters gallery

We asked MadeForMum readers to send us their messiest weaning pictures. Here's our pick of the best

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  • Happy eater

    This little lad clearly enjoyed his first taste of carrot...

    Photo by Lucy Fletcher

  • Look, no hands!

    Little Eddie will stop at nothing to finish every last scrap of custard.

    Photo by Galina Varese

  • Is it bath time yet?

    How can one piece of chocolate cake make so much mess?!

    Photo by Denise Susan Nicholls

  • Look, I'm feeding myself!

    According to his mum, this is Fred on a clean day...

    Photo by Carrie Smith

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  • Good coverage!

    No prizes for guessing what seven-month-old Harry has been eating!

    Photo by Leah Eaton

  • Suck it and see

    Holly manages the impressive feat of sucking a bourbon biscuit through a weaning bag.

    Photo by Sam Roberts

  • Twice as nice

    Ivy and Lily's mum has double trouble at mealtimes - or at least when she's cleaning up afterwards.

    Photo by Hannah Roussel

  • Italian style

    Baby Jonathan demonstrates the advanced art of twirling his spaghetti round a weaning spoon.

    Photo by Sarah

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  • When cupcakes attack

    Two-year-old Maggie demonstrates the necessity of carrying baby wipes at all times.

    Photo by Vicky Diddams

  • Mess? What mess?

    Eight-month-old Macauley looks like butter wouldn't melt... Chocolate, however, clearly does!

    Photo by Frances Haines