10 awkward dad photos

Every family has its share of cringe-worthy pics, but a site dedicated to embarrassing pregnancy, parent and sibling snaps - awkwardfamilyphotos.com - has helped us put our own hidden albums into perspective.

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  • Cheesy

    The apple doesn't fall far from the... armpit?

  • Left out

    Dad didn't have a favourite. It was probably all in her head.

  • Wakey wakey!

    Like an alarm clock, minus the snooze button.

  • Working dad

    We all know just how useless some buggy shopping baskets can be.

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  • The magician

    Getting close to nature.

    (Don't worry, the dad involved has revealed the little one wasn't hurt)

  • Multi-tasking

    It's truly amazing how many things you can juggle when you really put your mind to it.

  • Father's Day

    To a very special devil, er, we mean dad!

  • Hair raiser

    Mum wasn't one to point fingers, but where was all her volumising shampoo going?

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  • Like father, like son

    Check shirts can run in the family, don't you know?

  • Summer fun

    Gee, thanks dad!

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