25 ways to stick to your diet

Finding it hard to keep to your new diet? Follow these helpful hints to help you stay on track…

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  • 1. Say ‘no thanks’ with feeling

    Think up new phrases to decline extra portions like, “None of these puds float my boat, or, “My new thing’s peppermint tea”.

    2. Keep a food diary

    Writing down what you eat has been proven to help you avoid fatty temptation.

  • 3. Reach for a remedy

    Bach Original Flower Remedies’ new Emotional Eating Kit has three essences including Crab Apple for self-acceptance and Cherry Plum for rational thinking when a cake’s giving you the eye. Available online.

    4. Organise your cupboards

    “Keep all your delicious healthy food at the front so the tempting stuff is hidden,” advises Jane Mitchell, nutritional director at www.weighttogo.com.

  • 5. Clean the biccie tin

    “If temptation lies around every corner, your diet will fail, so clean out those leftover goodies from your cupboards,” says Claire Webber from Weight Watchers Meals. Remember, cleaning the biscuit tin does NOT mean eating the contents!

    6. Be carb-savvy

    “Choose low GI carbohydrates like wholegrain bread, wholewheat pasta, basmati rice and oats, which keep you feeling fuller for longer,” recommends Colleen Campbell, nutritionist with the Weight Loss Surgery Group.

  • 7. Shop online

    Get your groceries delivered and you’ll no longer be tempted by the sweetie/crisps/cake aisle when you’re wandering around the supermarket. You’ll save what you spend on delivery by avoiding those high-calorie treats.

    8. Set up a reward chart

    You use them for the children, why not for your diet? Get some cute stickers to reward yourself for healthy food choices or exercise.

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  • 9. Pop it

    “Air-popped popcorn – not pre-packaged – is a great late-night snack if you’re still peckish or watching a film and want to nibble,” says food blogger Libby Andrews.

    10. Have a bath, not a binge

    We love B. Avanté’s ME! Bath range, which includes bath ice cream and shower sorbets in 41 flavours such as Coconut Cove and White Chocolate Heaven. £10 per ‘scoop’.

  • 11. Measure, don’t weigh

    If you’re upping your exercise, your weight could go up, but don’t lose heart. Just look at the cm you lose instead.

    12 Stick to real food

    “That’s food in the form that it’s found in nature. Oranges grow on trees, cartons of orange juice don’t; baked potatoes come out of the ground, chips don’t,” says Zoe Harcombe, nutritionist and author of Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet.

  • 13. Set rules for eating out

    “Ask for grilled meat, have dressing on the side and avoid creamy or cheesy toppings,” advises Dr. Yvette Lolin, clinical advisor for SureSlim Wellness Clinics.

    14. Ditch your morning brekkie stop

    The pastry shop on the corner is NOT your diet friend – porridge is. Flahavan’s Porridge Pots, 53p for a 44g pot from most supermarkets.

  • 15. Find your healthy takeaway

    If you use a sandwich shop for lunch, check out the different healthy options on the menu.

    “Then you can choose from a variety of low-calorie favourites on the spot,” says Sarah Rutt, 41, from Newbury, Berkshire, mum to Daniel, 5, and Abigail, 3.

    16. Think fizzy

    “Stick to still or sparkling water to make sure you’re hydrated and not filling up on hidden-calorie drinks,” says Jennifer Irvine, food expert and founder of healthy food delivery service The Pure Package.

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  • 17. Come dine with you

    Hosting a dinner party means you avoid restaurant portions and can choose the menu.

    18. Don’t pick at the kids’ food

    “Instead, have your own, grown-up treat on hand, like a luxurious fruit salad,” says Pampers Village Parenting Panel’s nutrition and fitness expert Laura Williams.

  • 19. Protein, little and often

    “As a new mum, staying on the diet wagon is even more challenging when you’re tired! Try to ensure you have a little protein with each meal to keep you going and beat quick-fix cravings,” advises GMTV nutritionist and TV presenter Amanda Hamilton, mum to Ruaridh, 4 months

    20. Dress your success

    Once you drop a dress size (and you will!) invest in one new piece to show off your body and it’ll make you more determined to carry on.

  • 21. If at first you don’t succeed… try again tomorrow.

    One bad day is just that, ONE bad day. Don’t make it a reason to give up.

    22. Keep hunger at bay

    “I keep a stash of low-cal hot choc drinks in the cupboard. They take my mind off hunger pangs,” says Elizabeth Davidson, 33, from Lincolnshire, mum to Anna, 4, and Sam, 21 months.

  • 23. Get your partner on the wagon, too!

    If the two of you start losing weight together, he’ll thank you when it’s beach body time.

    24. Grill!

    Hide the frying pan if you have to, but if frying’s essential, use a spray oil.

    25. Make your freezer work harder

    It’s not a dumping ground for convenience food – clear it out and make space for frozen fruit and veg for stir-fries and smoothies.

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  • Celeb mum thin-spiration!

    Good vibrations…

    Holly Willoughby has been extolling the virtues of Power Plate to help get her trademark curves in check.

    Get naked…

    Heidi Klum, who recently welcomed a new arrival, daughter Lou Sulola Samuel, takes pictures of herself naked to prompt her to stay away from snacks, according to fabulousmag.co.uk.

    Did you know…

    46% of mums give up on a diet within one week and only 13% will not give up until they reach their target weight.

  • Snack maths

    Guilty of picking off the children’s plates? See how each bite adds up:

    • 5 oven chips = 80 calories
    • 80 calories x 7 days a week = 560 calories

    Try the sum with these leftovers too…

    • Half a fish finger = 28 cals
    • 2 chicken nuggets = 88 cals
    • 1/2 Fromage Frais pot = 49 cals
    • 3-4 teaspoons baked beans = 17 cals