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How to choose the right Silentnight mattress to help your child get a good night’s sleep

We’ve partnered with Silentnight to help you find the most suitable mattress for your child from the Healthy Growth kids range

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Sleep is an essential part of life for us all. If we don’t get a good night’s sleep, it can bring down our mood and make us less productive. For children it’s even more important, as night time is when children do a lot of growing and make developmental strides.


Studies show that children who get an adequate amount of good quality sleep have a better attention span, good language skills, learn productively and have better overall physical and mental health. A lack of sleep has been linked to an increased likelihood of physical and mental health issues, so helping your child sleep better is a great investment in their future wellbeing.

If you are having problems getting your child to sleep at night, you’re not alone. Studies estimate that between 25-50% of children and teenagers have sleep problems at one time or another.

Understanding the importance of sleep is crucial for you to be able to support your child – and by creating a peaceful, comfortable bedroom and a calming sleep routine, you can ensure that your children grow up healthy and strong.

That’s why many parents turn to Silentnight when shopping for a child’s mattress. The brand has been crafting mattresses for over 75 years and are tried and tested to the highest UK safety standards for added reassurance.

For a cleaner and safer sleeping environment Silentnight’s kids mattresses are foam and FR chemical treatment free, hypoallergenic and made from breathable EcoComfort or EcoMemory fibres, or with British wool, with waterproof options also available for when accidents happen.

In addition, these mattresses have enhanced breathability to help your child regulate their body temperature and are free from unhealthy substances or chemicals next to your child as they sleep.

What to look for when choosing your child’s mattress

Although babies need a firm sleep surface, as your child gets older mattress firmness comes down to personal preference, so help your child choose what suits them best.

When choosing a mattress for your child, make sure it has a good lifespan. Generally, the longer you’ll use a mattress, the more supportive it needs to be. Standard spring mattresses have open coil springs surrounded by padding and in pocket sprung mattresses, each spring is individually encased in a pocket, so each one moves independently as your child rolls.

The Silentnight Healthy Growth Kids range has been developed specifically to help children from toddlers to pre-teens get a good night’s sleep. All mattresses in this range are free from foam and chemicals and are hypoallergenic too.

Silentnight has a mattress for different styles of children’s bed from cot beds to junior beds, bunks and even a double bed.

Introducing the Silentnight Healthy Growth Kids range

Silentnight Healthy Growth Cosy Toddler Mattress, £99

– Great for toddlers transitioning from a cot

Dimensions: L 140 x W 70 x D 10 cm | Support rating: Firm | Support type: Polyester core |  Warranty: 5 years

Suitable for very young toddlers, this mattress has eco-friendly breathability which is important to help with temperature regulation as babies and very young toddlers can not manage their body own temperature.

Designed to fit a standard cot bed, this is an affordable way to upgrade your child’s sleep as they transition from their cot to a “big kid” bed. It’s also the right size to fit many of the popular character beds made for toddlers.

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Silentnight Healthy Growth Comet Eco Comfort Miracoil Mattress, £199

– Great for support all night

Dimensions: L 190 x D 21 cm | Support rating: medium / firm | Support type: Open coil springs | Warranty: 5 years

Designed to improve your child’s posture, this mattress offers excellent support to promote great sleep and its Eco Comfort Fibres offer breathability.

The mattress has a medium/firm rating with Miracoil spings that ensure your child stays well supported throughout the night.

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Silentnight Healthy Growth Eco Memory Bunk Mattress, £189

­– Great for bunk beds or cabin beds

Dimensions: L 190 x D 15 cm | Support rating: medium / firm | Support type: Open coil springs | Warranty: 5 years

Created specifically for kids sleeping in cabin or bunk beds, this open coil sprung mattress has a slightly narrower depth than the others on our list, giving it a low profile that’s perfect for the smaller spaces these beds often fit into.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still comfortable and supportive. Designed to support your child’s needs, it has the same Miracoil springs as other mattresses, and has medium to firm support to offer comfort.

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Silentnight Healthy Growth Solar Eco Waterproof Mattress, £249

– Great for growing with your child

Dimensions: L 190 x D 21 cm | Support rating: medium | Support type: Miracoil springs | Warranty: 5 years

With its medium support this mattress is suitable for toddlers but will also grow with them for years to come, and could be just as good a choice for a tween moving up to a larger bed – designed with a waterproof, easy to wipe clean surface on one side for protection when little accidents happen.

The mattress features Miracoil springs, which provide great support through the night. It’s breathable, of course to help your child regulate their body temperature, even when it’s warm.

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Silentnight Healthy Growth Astro Eco Comfort Pocket Mattress, £259

­– Great for children who move around a lot

Dimensions: L 190 x D 23.5 cm | Support rating: medium | Support type: Pocket springs | Warranty: 5 years

With 600 pocket springs, this mattress offers a touch of luxury: it’s the deepest on our list and has a medium support rating that’s good for children who move around a lot and switch positions during the night.

The Mirapocket springs adjust to your child’s body weight as they move around, offering support no matter how much they wriggle around.

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What you need to know before buying a child’s mattress

  • Measure the bed (if you already have one) or check what mattress size you need when ordering a new bed for your child.
  • Measure the internal size where the mattress sits and the frame’s depth – the mattress should sit above the frame to avoid bumps and bruises.
  • Check that the mattress has been tested against strict standards – Silentnight mattresses are tested in their certified lab to be safe for your child.

Armed with all that information, you can choose the perfect mattress.

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