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“I very quickly loved this app”
Why parents are raving about this top-rated calorie and nutrient tracker

Designed to help you achieve your health goals, Nutracheck has received positive feedback from MadeForMums’ Top Testers Club, with 100% recommending it

Over the years, there have been countless fad diets and so-called miracle cures claiming to promote weight loss or aid wellness, many of which have been, at best, flawed. Thankfully, in today’s connected world, a sensible approach is at hand with Nutracheck.

This handy app enables you to track your calories, nutrients and exercise activity, so you can feel better informed about your daily habits. So, whether you want to check if there’s too much salt in your diet, you’d like to up your fibre intake or you simply want to keep on top of your fitness, Nutracheck can make achieving your personal health and wellbeing targets that little bit easier.

To see if it’s truly as good as it seems, MadeForMums asked 10 savvy parents to use the app every day for two weeks, testing out everything from its food diary function and food tracker to its forum and recipe content. And Nutracheck didn’t disappoint, with 100% of the Top Testers Club saying they’d recommend it to other parents. Here’s what they loved about it.

A recipe on a smart phone and ingredients on a counter

“Tracking food is quick and hassle-free”

“I found the food-tracking function incredibly easy to use. Unlike similar apps, I was pleasantly surprised to find that 95% of the foods I entered were already in the system. This significantly reduced the time and effort required to track my meals.”


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“Even my kids enjoyed the recipes”

“As a family of 4, it isn’t always easy finding meals that everybody will eat, but my kids loved most of the recipes! It meant we could finally sit and eat together, rather than me waiting for them to go to bed and then eating a lot later.”


A recipe on a smart phone and food in a slow cooker

“The free 7-day trial is great”

“I very quickly loved this app! The first thing I noticed and liked was that you get 7 days to test it out, with absolutely no obligation to sign up. Most give you a free trial after you sign up, and then automatically bill you. I liked that this was completely on my terms.”


Someone scanning a bar code on the back of a food packet with their smart phone

“The app has helped me to understand what I’m eating”

“Nutracheck has really benefitted my eating habits. The diary and food tracker have helped me recognise exactly what I’m putting into my body. I still let myself have the odd chocolate as I want this to be a way of life and not a quick fix – but I’m wanting to go to the chocolate drawer a lot less.”


Someone scanning a bar code on the back of a food packet with their smart phone

“The scanner feature makes everything super easy”

“I used the food diary every day and really loved this feature. I could quickly input what I’d eaten by simply scanning the food packaging and, most of the time, it would instantly recognise it. Even when I was cooking from scratch, I could input the ingredients separately or create my own ‘meal’, which could be used again in the future.”



“The Eating Out tab is such a brilliant idea”

“It can be so hard to identify and track foods when you’re out, but Nutracheck makes it easy. I’m partial to a Costa, particularly at work, and Dominos is a well-loved takeaway at our house, and these were already in the system. It’s even able to highlight alternative items that are similar but slightly better for you, so you have more options.”


A recipe on a tablet and ingredients on a counter

“It’s easier to navigate than other apps I’ve used”

“The tabs at the bottom are great for directing you to the different sections of the app and I quickly became confident in finding what I needed. I also love how you can personalise the app to how you want it. I used a similar one previously and it didn’t have the vast amount of options that are available on Nutracheck, so this was a huge bonus.”

Amy R

A recipe on a smart phone and food in a slow cooker

“The forum is full of amazing, supportive people”

“I didn’t come across one comment that made me feel uncomfortable in the forum and I was genuinely happy for people hitting their goals – and even commented to tell them so. I also felt confident enough to contribute to posts as well as make my own, asking for advice on things.”


A bowl of cereal on weighing scales

“Nutracheck uncovered my coeliac disease”

“The app helped me to identify certain foods that were making me feel sluggish and unwell. I used the information to push for a coeliac test with my doctor and it came back positive!”


Nutracheck app interface

“I love that I don’t have to cut out foods”

“Using Nutracheck helped me to spot poor food choices I was making. Often, there are similar options out there, which taste as good but are better for you. It’s also made me realise that I don’t need to cut out any foods. The Easier Days function helps you enjoy everything in moderation!”

Amy W

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Always consult your GP before embarking on any kind of weight loss or nutritional programme.

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