Our babywearing categories are always highly contested, and this year our home testers put a number of big brands and indie labels through the paces to find the very best slings, wraps and carriers for every stage of baby and toddlerhood. Our testers across the UK provided feedback on fit, ease of use, design, comfort and value, to help us narrow down the shortlist.


The opinions of our home testers were also combined with the expert opinion of independent babywearing consultant and midwife Katy Blundell (aka The Dancing Midwife) who joined our editorial judges to further explore, examine and discuss the entries. From perennial favourites to brand new (bargain) finds, here are the winners for 2023.

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Key features we tested/judged – Comfort for baby and parent, back support, safety, clear and easy-to-follow instructions, ease of use and putting it on, carrying positions, worth the money, quality of fabric, design and style.

Gold — Lifft Stretchy Wrap, £39.95

Lifft Stretchy Wrap being worn by mother

Why it’s a winner: The Lifft Stretchy Wrap is an excellent value product for new parents, which allows for a close, supportive carry of your baby. Designed for use from birth, the one-piece wrap can also carry older babies and twins (up to 15kg) and comes in 5 gender neutral colours. It’s a well-made wrap with good quality fabric that stretches, yet offers a secure fit and the adjustable style works well on different body types, including more petite parents. Our testers and judges appreciated the “really clear” instructions that include easy-to-follow photos and reference TICKS safety guidelines for babywearing. The Lifft Stretchy Wrap washes easily and retained the shape and quality of the fabric, while sling expert Katy Blundell praised the wrap for the “lovely amount of stretch, giving a really comfortable and supportive carry.”

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In the words of parent tester Jenni, who tested this with their 3 month old: “My baby seems very content and comfortable when we wear this and will go to sleep when she's tired in it. It is a comfortable wrap for me to wear too; it feels effortless to carry her in it.”

Buy from: Lifft

Silver — Juicy Bumbles Baby Sling, from £16.99

woman carrying baby in Juicy Bumbles Baby Sling

Best for: New parents who want to try out babywearing without spending a lot of money first.

In the words of parent tester Danielle, who tested this with their 4 month old: “It is flexible and stretchy, which makes fitting it very easy, and it doesn’t dig in or leave any nasty marks on your shoulders or back. It also comes with a handy bag to pack away and carry if needed.”

Buy from: Amazon and Juicy Bumbles

Bronze — Dreamgenii Snuggleroo Baby Carrier, £45

woman carrying a baby in the Dreamgenii Snuggleroo baby carrier

Best for: Offering the closeness of a stretchy wrap but with easy-to-adjust straps.

In the words of parent tester Kayleigh, who tested this with their 4 month old: “The Dreamgenii Snuggleroo Baby Carrier was very quick and easy to put on with no adjustment needed after the first wear. I also loved that you could fold the wrap up and keep it in the travel storage bag.”

Buy from: Amazon and Argos

Baby carriers and slings_BABY CARRIER_DIVIDER

Key features we tested/judged – Comfort for baby and parent, back support, safety, clear and easy-to-follow instructions, ease of use and putting it on, carrying positions, worth the money, quality of fabric, design and style.

Joint Gold — Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier, £184.90


Why it’s a winner: “This has actually blown my mind!” was the verdict of one of our parent testers. With 4 carry positions, including a forward-facing option, this premium carrier is packed with features that impressed across the board. Offering an easily adjustable fit for both baby and parents of different sizes, the Ergobaby Omni Breeze is a hardworking, comfortable and well-padded carrier with serious longevity, lasting from newborn to 4 years. With Soft Tech Mesh breathable fabric, the carrier provides maximum air flow, making it great for warmer days, while the privacy hood offers sun protection or cover for when breastfeeding on the go. It also comes with a detachable front pocket, perfect for storing your keys, and is available in a choice of 4 colourways – our judges loved the striking blue lavender shade.

In the words of parent tester Claire, who tested this with their 4-month-old twins: “The carrier makes your baby feel almost weightless, plus it adapts to you and your baby’s shape; the functionality is super and it’s a breeze to put on and adjust. From teething solutions and breastfeeding privacy to being seen in the dark, the designers have thought of everything and more with the Breeze.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Amazon and Ergobaby

Joint Gold — Ergobaby Omni Dream Baby Carrier, £184.90


Why it’s a winner: The Ergobaby Omni Dream Baby carrier wowed both testers and judges with how comfortable it was, offering an adjustable, supportive, ergonomic carry for baby, and providing support for wearers of all sizes thanks to the padded waistband, straps and lumbar support. One parent tester even described it as “everything a carrier should be.” With 4 carry positions including the forward-facing option, it also has side pockets and a privacy hood for sun protection and easy breastfeeding. It may have a premium price tag but it’s a long-lasting carrier that can take your baby from newborn well into the toddler years, as it’s suitable from birth up to 20.4kg. It even impressed sling expert Katy Blundell who said, “The quality is outstanding! It’s definitely worth the money.”

In the words of parent tester Emma, who tested this with their 4 month old: “I cannot fault this baby carrier. It’s adjustable in every way imaginable, meaning it should fit no matter what size or shape the caregiver or child is.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Mamas & Papas and Ergobaby

Silver — BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony, £209

BabyBjorn Harmony baby carrier

Best for: Parents looking for a structured, comfortable carrier that’s easy to use.

In the words of parent tester Rebeca, who tested this with their 5 month old: “My favourite features of the Harmony carrier are the easy-to-use buckles, which made getting my child in and out easier. I found the straps and the waistband, with its padding on the small of my back, very comfortable too.”

Buy from: BabyBjörn, John Lewis and Amazon

Bronze: Ergobaby Embrace Soft Knit Newborn Baby Carrier, £99.90


Best for: New parents looking for a secure, comfortable and soft newborn carrier.

In the words of parent tester Lorna, who tested this with their 2 month old: “It’s easy to use and I love that I am able to put it on by myself. The carrier is excellent quality and I liked the soft material, which offered my baby a comfortable experience.”

Buy from: Ergobaby and Amazon

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