Pregnancy is a really exciting time, but we also know that it can be challenging. Thankfully, there are loads of products out there designed to make your life easier and we've been putting them to the test. From maternity clothing and bras to stretchmark creams and pregnancy pillows — our 2023 Awards winners will help you on your journey to parenthood and beyond.


We recruited a team of mums-to-be to help us test a whole range of pregnancy products and rate them on their comfort, efficacy, quality and value for money, amongst other things. Our pregnant testers attended in-person antenatal classes, massaged lotions onto their growing bumps and tried out maternity leggings, dresses and coats. We combined their feedback with the expert knowledge of midwives and the MadeForMums team to come up with our award-winning list of pregnancy must-haves.

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Pregnancy fashion/active wear divider

Key features we tested/judged — Quality and design, comfort for parent, quality of fit, ease of washing & drying and worth the money.

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Gold – Natal Active Luxe Maternity Leggings, £55

Luxe Maternity Leggings_Gold

Why it’s a winner: Despite their varying body types, every single home tester was delighted with the fit, feel and functionality of these maternity leggings – an accomplishment few items of clothing achieve. This is particularly true in the third trimester when discomfort, sleep deprivation and heartburn can all appear at once. Finding a piece of clothing that makes life better and more comfortable was unanimously deemed worthy of investment. The fabric moves with rather than against the body, through pregnancy and beyond. Our home testers had nothing but praise for the fold-down bump panel and elasticity.

In the words of tester Andy, who is pregnant: “It’s the attention to detail that really sets these leggings apart from others. The deep pockets allow me to wear these out and about. The Lux Maternity Leggings mould to your body shape with ease, which means no annoying creases of fabric or folds.”

Buy from: Natal Active

Silver – Latched Active Support Maternity Leggings, £50

Latched Active Support Maternity Leggings_Silver

Best for: A good range of sizes.

In the words of parent tester Brogan, who is pregnant: “The quality of the leggings is second to none. They’re thick but feel breathable at the same time. They didn’t become see-through as they get pulled tighter by my bump and they have little pockets on the side of the legs which come in very handy.”

Buy from: Latched

Joint Bronze – The Bshirt Nursing and Maternity Dress in Black Recycled Cotton, £34.99

The Bshirt Nursing and Maternity Dress in Black Recycled Cotton_Bronze

Best for: Practical casualwear.

In the words of tester Laura, who is pregnant: “It's easy to use, with no fussy buttons or zips. The tunic is a loose fit, without being baggy, so you can get comfy on the sofa without any digging. There's a buy-back option so you can get 30% of the cost back at the end of your breastfeeding journey.”

Buy from: The B Shirt

Joint Bronze – WALLABY babywearing coat by Wombat London, £169.90

WALLABY babywearing coat by Wombat London_Bronze

Best for: Babywearing.

In the words of parent tester Olivia, who tested this with her 10 week old: “I really like that the coat can be used for many years as a maternity, front carry, back carry, then normal coat. It feels like it will hold up to that amount of use as well, even for multiple children.”

Buy from: Wombat & Co

Pregnancy skincare & toiletries dividers

Key features we tested/judged — Application and scent, quality and design, ease of use and worth the money.

Gold – Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion, £4.99

Pregnancy skincare & toiletries_Gold

Why it’s a winner: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion stood out in the category because of its great value and usefulness during pregnancy and beyond. The affordable price point means expectants mums can continue keeping their skin moisturised well beyond childbirth. Our judges noted that the cream was smooth, yet non-greasy and didn’t leave a tacky feel on the hands or skin after application. With a pleasant rather than overpowering cocoa butter fragrance, one parent tester with a sensitivity to smell during pregnancy found the scent just right.

In the words of tester Alison, who is pregnant: “The cream does make my skin feel nice, soft and supple for at least 12 hours after application. So I feel as though it is improving the elasticity of my skin. I loved the pump application, found it really easy to open and use. It was also helpful to manage how much product I used, so none went to waste.”

Buy from: Boots, Amazon and Superdrug

Silver – My Little Coco BABY MAMA Bump Mask, £5.99

My Little Coco BABY MAMA Bump Mask_Silver

Best for: Indulgent treat for expectant mums.

In the words of tester Andy, who is pregnant: “The My Little Coco Baby Mama bump mask is good value, fun and relaxing to use. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and the bump mask was a good size, reaching round to my sides and covering most of my bump. I would definitely use one again.”

Buy from: Boots

Bronze – My Expert Midwife Peri Prep Your Bits, £15.50

My Expert Midwife Peri Prep Your Bits_Bronze

Best for: Soothing soreness and aiding comfort.

In the words of parent tester Mayraj, who had just given birth: “Overall I feel it was good and helped soothe the pain. It made me more relaxed and comfortable. It's something I will be recommending to family members who are also currently pregnant.”

Buy from: Boots, Amazon and My Expert Midwife

Stretchmark cream/oil/lotion divider

Key features we tested/judged — Ease of use, worth the money, effectiveness, quality and design.

Gold – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Body Oil, £10.49

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil_Gold

Why it’s a winner: As far as skin saviours go, this is the gold standard. Our testers were amazed at its price tag and how long the bottle lasted. It eased dryness and itching and left our expectant mums with supple, healthy-looking skin. It also smells amazing and the packaging makes it feel like it should be a far more expensive option. Plus it’s free from mineral oil and parabens, and is suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

In the words of tester Brogan, who is pregnant: “I will 100% be buying this in future as it’s helped with my itchy, dry, horrible stretching skin. My skin was smooth and soft without the horrid, greasy feeling. I’ve used numerous oils and butters for stretch marks over the years and they do not compare to Palmer’s in any way.”

Buy from: Boots and Superdrug

Silver – Secret Saviours Pregnancy Band, £90

Secret Saviours Pregnancy Band_Silver

Best for: Mums who want more than a cream or oil.

In the words of tester Laura, who is pregnant: “It’s so, so easy to use. It’s stylish and fits under clothing without showing. It’s a beautiful product and the cream and gel smell divine. Yes, a tad more time-consuming than just a cream but you can see it’s worth it.”

Buy from: Secret Saviours

Bronze – Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter, £24

Mama mio tummy butter_Bronze_Winner

Best for: Soothing tight skin.

In the words of tester Alexandra, who is pregnant: “I found it was brilliant at soothing tight and itchy skin. The tummy rub was absorbed quickly into the skin and felt cooling. I had been using several other products such as a pregnancy balm and general moisturiser, which were not as effective as Mama Mio.”

Buy from: Look Fantastic, Boots and Mama Mio

Shortlisted: Ardo Natal Anti-Stretch cream | Stria Lab Redefining Stretch Mark Cream

Maternity/nursing bra divider

Key features we tested/judged — Comfort for parent, quality of fit, ease of washing & drying, effectiveness and worth the money.

Gold – Artemis Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra, £45

Artemis Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra_Gold

Why it’s a winner: Providing exceptional support as well as versatility, our home testers felt the Artemis Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra was much more than just activewear. It was found to be effective during multiple stages of pregnancy and motherhood, and the vibrant colours were also a hit as an uplifting wardrobe addition. Unlike other bras in the category that seem to fit certain body types best, this bra didn’t disappoint – especially during the breastfeeding stage when size can fluctuate.

In the words of tester Jen, who is pregnant: “The great thing about this bra is that it comes with an extender which is handy as I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have a very high bump! This means once baby is here I will be able to remove the extender and still have a good fit.”

Buy from: Natal Active

Silver – bbhugme Comfort Bra, £55

Comfort Bra_Silver

Best for: Crossover design.

In the words of tester Laura, who is pregnant: “It feels so comfortable that you could almost forget you are wearing it. I am currently 7 months pregnant so am feeling quite bloated and uncomfortable. This bra has eased the pains and fits perfectly. I don't have to fiddle around with it at all, my breasts stay in comfortably.”

Buy from: bbhugme

Bronze – Magnetic Bra – Jorgen House, £65

Magnetic Bra - Jorgen House_Bronze

Best for: Ease of use with magnetic straps.

In the words of tester Laura, who is pregnant: “I would describe the fit of this bra as being like a glove. My breasts were supported and comfortable throughout the day as well as when nursing. This bra has thin straps so can be worn with day-to-day clothes without feeling uncomfortable.”

Buy from: Jorgen House

Pregnancy/nursing pillow divider

Key features we tested/judged — Comfort for parent, ease of use, quality and design.

Gold – Babymoov 2in1 Maternity Pillow, £75.00

Babymoov 2in1 Maternity Pillow_Gold

Why it’s a winner: This transitions effortlessly from a maternity to a feeding pillow, and our home testers loved the clever way it converts. Our judges noted that this quick and simple process made the Babymoov 2in1 Maternity Pillow outstanding, especially coupled with its perfect size. The design impressed too, as it uses microbeads that are soft and mould to the body during pregnancy and beyond. As a nursing pillow, the beads ensure a perfectly supportive surface for little one and are super quiet with no rustling that might wake a dozing baby post-feed.

In the words of parent tester Taylor, who tested this with while pregnant and with their 2 week old: “This is a great feeling pillow for mum, lovely and comfortable when it is wrapped around you, either in bed whilst pregnant, or when breastfeeding. My baby sinks into it and it keeps her it a great position. Being a mum of 3 means that someone always needs me for something, the pillow ensures that I can be handsfree.”

Buy from: Boots, Very and Kiddies Kingdom

Silver – SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow, £84.95

SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow_Silver

Best for: Smart multifunctional design.

In the words of tester Jennifer, who is pregnant: “The pillow works really well, helping me to get a much more comfortable night's sleep – my husband even tried to steal it from me one night! SnuzCurve include a QR code which takes you to a user guide video and also includes several images.”

Buy from: Snuz, Mamas & Papas and Boots

Joint Bronze – Dreamgenii Pregnancy, Feeding & Support Pillow, £49.99

Dreamgenii Pregnancy, Feeding & Support Pillow_Bronze

Best for: Value for money.

In the words of tester Gillian, who is pregnant: “As you can use this during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, it's a more efficient, two-in-one product offering better value for money. The Dreamgenii Pregnancy, Feeding & Support Pillow is a practical design – I liked that it wasn't too bulky either.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Amazon and Argos

Joint Bronze – DockATot La Maman Body Pillow, £130

DockATot La Maman Body Pillow_Bronze

Best for: Long-term value and style.

In the words of tester Carly, who is pregnant: “The DockATot is extremely good quality both visually and to the touch. The materials used are soft and kind to skin. My favourite is the fleece side which feels like a warm hug each night! Purposefully designed for both function and style in equal measure – they have considered aesthetics and longevity.”

Buy from: Scandiborn

Shortlisted: Kally Sleep U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow | Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy/birth product & service divider

Key features we tested/judged — Ease of use, features and benefits, worth the money and effectiveness.

Gold – Lansinoh Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad, £13.99

Lansinoh Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad_Gold

Why it’s a winner: Versatile, easy to use and compact for the hospital bag – our gold category winner not only impressed but was a saviour! Perfect for use on delicate areas, the tiny balls in the pad mean that it can be moulded and perfectly positioned for maximum comfort and relief. Our parent testers loved the flexibility and how they could switch from cold, to reduce swelling, then to warm, making things comfortable again on the road to recovery.

In the words of parent tester Sally, who had just given birth: “This is good for what it's intended for, especially immediate intimate use. It could also be used for period pains, bumps and bruises. A nice product for new mums who have stitches or tears. It can do both hot and cold, which is good.”

Buy from: Amazon, John Lewis and Lansinoh

Joint Silver – Happy Parents Happy Baby In Person Antenatal Classes, £249

Happy Parents Happy Baby In Person Antenatal Classes_Silver

Best for: High quality online and in-person antenatal classes.

In the words of tester Andrea, who is pregnant: “The course is very well composed and thought through – I loved the fact that it involved birth partners, as other antenatal courses are usually just for the pregnant individual. We received loads of great gifts and discounts that are super useful for pregnant women.”

Buy from: Happy Parents Happy Baby

Joint Silver – The Positive Birth Company Pregnancy Pack, £39

The Pregnancy Pack_Silver

Best for: Inclusivity and accessibility.

In the words of tester Emma, who is pregnant: “I am wowed by the Positive Birth Company's Pregnancy Pack! For a first-time mum, this pack contains all the information you need to inform and reassure yourself about your pregnancy and birth in one convenient place. The course is delivered via polished and accessible online lectures.”

Buy from: The Positive Birth Company

Bronze – Lansinoh Organic Post Birth Relief Spray, £14.99

Lansinoh Organic Post Birth Relief Spray_Bronze

Best for: 360-degree relief.

In the words of tester Carley, who had just given birth: “The benefits were as much mental as physical. The spray provides instant soothing and smells good. However, the bigger perk for me was that using the product made me feel more in control of my recovery and that I was doing all I could to promote fast and healthy healing.”

Buy from: Amazon, John Lewis and Lansinoh

Shortlisted: BABYGO Birthing Ball | The Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing Pack | Perimom Perineal Massager | Wild Nutrition Pregnancy, New Mother & Breastfeeding nutritional consultation

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