We've all seen the stories with babies born with HUGE amounts of hair: actress Jacqueline Jossa recently shared a gorgeous pic of her daughter Ella at 5 weeks with full-on locks. And we wondered if it wouldn't be too long before she'd need a trip to the salon!


But the question of when you should take your baby to get their first hair cut is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.

Because of course all babies are different: one of the mums in our team says all her little ones were born with full heads of hair so they went for the chop after a few months, while another says her little girl only needed her first haircut aged 6 – and even then, the hairdresser took off millimetres.

And of course, if you like the super-long-haired look, you might not want too many trims at all even if your child does have a lot of hair.

Part of whether they'll get a cut, of course, could depend on if you think they'll sit still at the hairdressers – especially if they're very young.

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Laura H told us that when she took her little boy to get his done "it was torture! He doesn't like his head being touched? Felt sorry for the guy: my son was putting his fingers through his holes in his top!"

Perhaps with this in mind, some of you decided to do the job yourself. Kim P says her son was 2 when he got his first cut: "I did it myself whilst he watched YouTube," she says. Good distraction tactics, Kim!

Others, though, found going to the salon has become a bit of a thing – in a good way: "My daughter was about 5/6 months and my son was about 16 months," Karen G tells us.

"They were never bothered: they always just sat there looking in the mirror. They are 2.5 years old now and love going. They get really excited to see our hairdresser."

And of course, even if your child's hair does grow, you – or they – might decide they still don't want it cut.

Amy E reveals: "My daughter is 7 and has never had a hair cut (slight trim of the ends) and it is nicely under her bum. Her choice to have it that long."

What do you think?

When did you take your little one for their first haircut? Did they enjoy it? Perhaps you do it yourself? Tell us over on Facebook or in the comments below.

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