Baby health advice from our health visitor

Whether you want to know how to calm a fever, or to soothe nappy rash, our health visitor passes on her tips


Ways to help treat a fever:

  • Give your little one plenty of fluids as a fever will make him sweat so he can easily become dehydrated.
  • Keep his skin cool by dressing him in just a nappy and vest, and cover him with a thin cotton sheet.
  • Keep his room at a comfy temperature (about 18ºC / 65ºF). Open a window and turn down radiators.
  • Offer paracetamol or ibuprofen to bring his temperature down, as directed by your GP or pharmacist.
  • Always use a measuring spoon or syringe when giving your tot liquid medicine to make sure the dose is right.

Ways to soothe nappy rash

  • Change nappies more frequently, as poo and wee will irritate tender skin.
  • Increase bare bottom time. Let your baby kick around without a nappy for a few minutes when you do a change.
  • Avoid wipes and scented products. Stick with plain water and cotton wool until the nappy rash heals.
  • Dry well, especially in the creases. Apply a thin layer of barrier cream to the skin before putting on a new nappy.
  • See your GP if it doesn’t improve after a few days. They can prescribe healing creams or fungal treatments.

Signs your baby needs a doctor:

  • If she has a fever, is vomiting or has diarrhoea, which causes her distress.
  • Changes in behaviour, like listlessness, drowsiness or irritability.
  • Crying for long periods, or with different pitch or tone to usual, may be indicative of sickness.
  • Spots and rashes often accompany viral illness.
  • Trust your instincts, as you know your baby best. If you have any concerns always ask for medical advice.

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