Check out your 2010 horoscope!

What does 2010 have in store for you and your little one?


Whether you’re hoping for success at work, planning to spend more time with your family or looking for love, the stars are a great way to gaze into the future and find out what’s in store. So grab your crystal ball and check out what could be on the cards for your year ahead, and what you can expect from your little one’s zodiac personailty…



March 21 – April 20

You: Make time to have fun with your friends this year – your social life is about to change for the better!

Aries child: As a natural leader with a strong active body and mind your Aries baby can be very determined, whether he’s behaving or not! Be firm and patient and you’ll find your bond will grow. He usually walks and talks early and will surprise you with his active but very practical imagination. So give him plenty of opportunity for adventure, to try new things and take charge – he’ll respond best to a challenge. Despite his independence your Aries baby loves to be cuddled and needs hugs and reassurance especially after emotional bumps – even if he is trying to put on a brave face.

Lucky date: 3rd April – Money may not grow on trees but look out for it in unexpected places.


April 21 – May 21

You: Your friends will offer you a helping hand so don’t be stubborn, you’ll be very grateful in the long run.

Taurus child: Stick with routine to ensure your little Bull’s natural emotional overflows are kept in check and you’ll be rewarded with a baby who can’t do enough to please you. Taureans usually make for quiet and calm babies but watch out for that stubborn streak and don’t force him to do anything he really doesn’t want to – clenched fists may be a warning sign of opposition! He can be a shy little creature and won’t like being the centre of attention but will respond well to cuddles and affection. This should melt all the resistance out of even the most obstinate of bulls. Encourage him to communicate through words, pictures and music as he’ll have a tendency to hide his emotions.

Lucky date: 29th April – You’ve got nothing to lose today so just go for it!


May 22 – June 21

You: If you’re trying to get out of a vicious cycle, this is the year to do it. The planets are telling you to take the opportunity and go for it.

Gemini child: Insatiably inquisitive you’ll need to keep your little Gemini occupied. A great explorer, he needs to keep his hands busy so keep a watchful eye on what he’s up to. He hates to be cooped up so encourage your baby’s inquisitive side with imaginative play and adventure. But remember to praise and encourage him every step along the way or he may loose interest and his concentration levels will dip. The young Gemini loves communicating though his love of the imaginary means if his mind seems to be in another place, it probably is!

Lucky date: 10th June – Get away from it all and everything will come to you.


June 22 – July 22

You: You’ve got itchy feet and there are changes afoot. Embrace them and life could take an interesting and positive turn.

Cancer child: Home is where the heart is for Cancerian babies and his loving nature will rub off on your whole family. He may be a little clingy and over-protective so teach him independence and confidence. Don’t be surprised by his frequent change of mood, though watch his tears, sometimes he may turn them on to get what he wants! Give him approval and love and constant reassurance when he’s frightened, which is likely to be often. Cancerian children are imaginative little things and he’ll express his emotions in creative activity. Provide him with plenty of space and toys for painting, story and music-making to release his expressive streak.

Lucky date: 30th June – Today’s a day to have your own fun!


July 23 – August 22

You: Start believing in yourself and don’t get too cross with people who have your best interests at heart.

Leo child: A sunny and friendly child, your little Lion’s determination will make you proud but be ready to pick up the pieces if things don’t go his way. Hurt pride can bring out tantrums in even the gentlest of Leos. He’s likely to have boundless energy and loves physical play. This can sometimes lead to an over-adventurous and reckless lion so watch over him carefully. His friendly disposition often makes him centre of attention and this is where he’s happiest.

Lucky date: 31st July – Communicate today and see some fantastic results!


August 23 – September 22

You: Step back and give yourself a pat on the back this year, you deserve to let others take the pressure off your shoulders for a while, you’ve done a great job and it’s time to chill.

Virgo child: Eager to please and eager to learn, spend time and money on educational toys for your Virgo baby rather than material objects. Let him be independent, and trust his confidence, but be ready to reassure him if he gets upset – he’s a sensitive soul at heart. As long as you show him what’s expected, he’ll try very hard to please and will love to be given little jobs to help around the home. Young Virgos can be exact about time so try to give him a regular routine and large doses of love and encouragement to reassure his self-confidence.

Lucky date: 1st September – Have faith in yourself today and you’ll get what you really want.


September 23 – October 22

You: Your career and earnings are going to take a turn for the better this year. Think about opportunities carefully and you will make the right decisions.

Libra child: He’s a sensitive soul and his caring nature will reassure and calm the rest of the family. He’s also likely to follow your rules – if he thinks they’re fair! Little Librans are very skilled at getting what they want and quickly learn to argue with total conviction. So keep your wits about you to avoid spoiling him. He’ll be happy to play alone but also thrives on company and will occasionally need to be guided on what to do and when to do it. Young Librans absorb information easily and will love poring through books.

Lucky date: 8th October – Your faith in human nature will be restored today.


October 23 – November 21

You: Your health will be at the forefront of your mind and now is the time to crack one or two bad habits.

Scorpio child: A very loyal child, your little Scorpio knows what he wants – and he’ll do his very best to get it! This includes the mysterious or forbidden so be sure to guide him in the right direction. Once there, the Scorpio child is usually quick to learn, active and intelligent. Channel his energy into creative play and your Scorpio baby will blossom. He may have a very private personality but embrace his secretive side and he will open up and trust you like no-one else. Help him understand the mishaps of daily life as well as how to forgive and forget otherwise he could reveal a revengeful side if anyone upsets him.

Lucky date: 21st November – Grab today’s opportunity with both hands!


November 22 – December 20

You: Give people close to you your full attention. You may not realise how much your support means to them.

Sagittarius child: A playful and impulsive little person, he’ll turn out to be the class clown so it’s wise to keep a watchful eye or his love of freedom may lead him astray. He’ll like setting his own standards and, within reason, you should embrace this. By letting him express himself he’ll grow into an honest and very giving character. You may not be able to keep Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy real for very long, Sagtarrian children are quick to catch on and question adult values. The best policy is honesty.

Lucky date:
19th December – Use your boundless energy to your benefit.


December 21 – January 19

You: Everyone is looking at you this year so keep a positive head about you and you’ll breeze through.

Capricorn child: A calm and reflective baby, be careful not to think because he’s not demanding attention that he doesn’t need it. Shower him with love and smiles and your baby will be devoted and spirited. He may prefer older company and loves pretending to be a grown up. Not a lover of the great outdoors, he may need to be encouraged to get outside to enjoy himself. He’s a natural worrier but also very sensitive to other’s feelings so will always be there to make you smile.

Lucky date: 28th December – Grab your glad rags and paint the town red!


January 20 – February 19

You: Your finances are looking in good shape so now’s your chance to treat yourself. This year is a great one for property.

Aquarious child: Eager to please, encourage your Aquarian out of his shell and he’ll become curious and more outgoing. He’s a quick thinker but can be absent minded – usually only because he’s trying so hard his mind has become all of a muddle! His nature is to stay quiet in the face of injustice so help him to stand up for himself – he’ll often look more confident than perhaps he feels. He’ll cherish all different kinds of friendship and will have many friends, though young Aquarians sometimes need a helping hand to form very close relationships.

Lucky date: 18th February – Love is in the air today, don’t miss the opportunity for romance!


February 20 – March 20

You: You’ve had a lot on your plate recently and the planets have a little more in store for you this year. But keep your calm and all will go well.

Pices child: He lives in a world of make-believe so don’t be surprised if he has imaginary friends and talks to himself. Magic, fairies, Father Christmas and monsters are all very real to him so embrace his imagination. Your little fish will be ready to swim into bigger pools so don’t be afraid to let go and embrace his confidence. He may not like the limelight but he will be full of ideas. Show him a guiding hand if he has a tendency to drift from one thing to another.


Lucky date: 8th March – You’ll realise how much your friends mean to you, enjoy the laughs.

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