Everything you need to know about weaning

From when to start to what to cook, we've got the complete lowdown on how to wean your baby


Is your baby ready to wean?

Do you know when to start weaning? We’ll help you spot the signs that your baby is ready, advise you on what to do if he seems to need food before the recommended six months. We’ve also got must-read advice on getting prepared for his first meal, and don’t miss our video, where we’ll answer all your weaning questions.

A comfortable highchair is a weaning must-have

What to buy for weaning

Before you attempt your baby’s first meal, you’ll need some essential kit – starting with a highchair. Whether you want a funky style, a budget buy or a highchair for a small space, we’ll help you choose the best dining place for your tot. Print out our guide to kitchen must-haves that will make preparing baby food a breeze, and take your pick from our crop of weaning books. We’ve also rounded up the best blenders and grinders and microwave-safe feeding products to help you whip up some lip-smacking first foods.

Read our top tips on getting weaning off to a flying start

How to start weaning

The time has come for your baby’s first meal, but just what are you supposed to do? Find out why baby rice is the perfect introduction to solids, and, when you’re ready to move on, how to whip up a lip-smacking puree. If you’d rather bypass spoon-feeding and let your baby go it alone, check out our guide to baby-led weaning – and whichever approach you decide on, we’ve got top tips for making it a success.

Simple fruit and vegetable purees are the perfect first food

What to feed your baby

Clueless about how to tempt those tiny tastebuds? Then look no further. Find out which foods are safe for weaning – and which you should avoid. Take inspiration from our round-up of the 30 best baby purees, and get the first month of weaning sorted with our daily meal planner for the first four weeks.

It’s normal for weaning to be a rocky process


Weaning is often a time of ups and downs, so don’t be daunted by common weaning problems. Our experts answer your burning questions on weaning, including what to do if your baby only wants milk or refuses to eat anything but fruit. We’ll also help you understand how to cope with gagging and why fussy eating happens.

Preparing your baby’s food safely will protect her from illness

Food safety

Tiny tummies are particularly vulnerable to bugs, so it’s important to keep your kitchen a germ-free zone when you’re weaning. Don’t miss our guides to preparing purees safely – and how long you can store them for. We’ll also tell you what you should be sterilising, and whether the dishwasher is a suitable alternative, and how to heat baby food safely in the microwave.

Sneezing, itchy eyes and rashes could indicate a food allergy

Allergies: what you need to know

Many of us worry about allergic reactions when introducing solids, but knowing which foods might trigger allergies, and how to spot the symptoms, can help you feel more confident. We’ll also explain how to tell the difference between an allergy and an intolerance, and how to play it safe where nuts are concerned. Plus if your baby has eczema, asthma, or a cow’s milk allergy, we’ll help you through the weaning process.

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