Starting the weaning journey with a baby is definitely exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You've finally got yourself sorted when it comes to milk feeds, and all of sudden it's time to introduce your baby to solid food. Where do you start, and what method of weaning is best for your baby?


Thankfully, there are plenty of books out there that will take the guesswork out of weaning. From baby-led weaning and self-feeding to traditional purées and spoon-feeding, these books cover all bases, and we've chosen books to suit your family no matter which method you're planning...and even if you're undecided.

It doesn't stop there either. Once you've successfully got your child eating 3 meals a day (or, more likely, throwing them on the floor and smearing them all over their face) you'll need to continue to make sure they're eating well, with a balanced diet that challenges their tastebuds and provides them with all the nutrients they need. As well as weaning books, we've included toddler feeding books too, which offer help for fussy eaters and feature recipes that get kids busy in the kitchen.

Check out the best baby and toddler feeding books...

1. Weaning Made Easy, £10.99

Best for undecided parents

Written by nutritionist and Practical Parenting expert Dr Rana Conway, this book is perfect if you haven't yet decided whether to spoon-feed your baby or try baby-led weaning – or if you want to know if you can combine both methods.

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While many other weaning books focus on one specific method, this one clearly lays out the pros and cons of each in a balanced way, allowing you to come to your own decision as to which one is right for you and your baby.

Reviewers praise its unbiased approach and even-handed approach, and the level of research and fact-checking that has gone into the advice that's given.

Available from: Amazon

2. Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner, £14.99

Best for covering all bases

Annabel Karmel baby and toddler meal planner

Annabel Karmel's one of the best known names in the world of children's food, and her guide to weaning gives you all the tools you need to introduce your baby to purees and finger foods. This 30th anniversary extended edition has been updated with the most up-to-date nutritional advice and finger food guidance.

There are also simple recipes to get you started, as well as menu planners and a pull-out guide to step-by-step weaning to help ensure your baby gets a well-balanced diet as you progress.

Available from: Amazon

3. Young Gums: Baby Food With Attitude, £14.99

Best for feeding the whole family

Written by baby food blogger Beth Bentley, this stylish guide's packed with unusual finger food recipes we wish we'd thought of ourselves, and classic baby food recipes you know they'll love. With a focus on recipes that can be scaled up to feed the whole family, you won't find any boring purees or boiled vegetables here.

The book contains over 60 meals, and many of them can be prepared in one pan or dish, without the need for lots of weighing and measuring: great if you have an impatient baby who's screaming to be fed.

Available from: Waterstones and Amazon

4. Baby-Led Weaning 10th Anniversary Edition, £12

Best for baby-led weaning

Baby-led weaning book

This is the definitive guide to baby-led weaning, written by leading health visitor Gill Rapley. It's been extended and rewritten to celebrate its 10th anniversary, with more case studies, parent quotes and updated information on allergens and safe feeding. It encourages babies to self-feed from the first day of weaning, with the aim of making them more confident, intuitive eaters as they grow up.

This guide is best for those who've already chosen to commit to baby-led weaning as it does encourage an "all or nothing" approach to the program. However, you only have to read the testimonials throughout the book to know this is a method that's been revolutionary for many families.

Available from: Amazon

5. Wean in 15, £16.99

Best for mixed feeding

After writing a number of bestselling healthy recipe books, dad-of-2 Joe Wicks has turned his hand to weaning recipes, with a simple and accessible book that lays out the basics of combined/mixed feeding, with a strong focus on healthy, varied ingredients.

Joe encourages both spoon-feeding and finger foods, with an easy-start guide that introduces vegetable purees over 2 weeks, followed by recipes that go up to 12 months and beyond.

The "wean in 15" concept is based around Joe's "lean in 15" brand which focussed on recipes that can be prepared in 15 minutes. It should be noted that a lot of the recipes in this book take much longer than 15 minutes and involve a lot of chopping and prep, something many reviewers commented on. However, they are varied in flavour and will introduce babies to lots of herbs, spices and unusual ingredients while being suitable for parents and older siblings too.

Available from: Amazon

6. The Contented Little Baby Book Of Weaning, £12.99

Best for planning ahead

If you've raised your baby according to Gina Ford's structured techniques, then it makes total sense to progress to her weaning method too. This book will guide you through the early days of weaning, with advice on the best times to start and how to introduce different textures and ingredients.

This is a book for those who like a fixed routine, with feeding plans and schedules to help you every step of the way. If you're less of a forward-planner and prefer to be led by your child, you may find another book (or even baby-led weaning) is more suited to your flexible approach.

Available from: Amazon

7. What Mummy Makes, £14.99

Best for easy recipes

What mummy makes

Award: Gold – Weaning and feeding product, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Rebecca Wilson became an Instagram star by sharing the easy and affordable meals she made while weaning her daughter. This book brings over 100 of them to life, with most suitable from 6+ months (if you're doing baby-led weaning).

With the subtitle "cook just once for you and your baby" the recipes are designed to be quick, easy and tasty for all the family. There's a focus on time-saving ingredients (frozen chopped vegetables, shop-bought pastry) and simple methods that take just a few minutes. If you are a novice cook, this book will be a lifeline as you try to get your little one eating a variety of flavours and textures. If you're experienced and adventurous, you may find some recipes a little basic.

Available from: Amazon

8. Amanda Ursell’s Baby & Toddler Food Bible, £10.50

Best for feeding toddlers

While most weaning and baby-related books stop at around 12 months, leading nutritionist Amanda Ursell talks you through your child's nutritional needs from weaning right up to the age of four.

As many toddlers can develop unusual or picky eating habits after the initial weaning period, this book can really help guide you through those tricky times, with healthy, quick and easy recipes for every stage.

Reviewers are particularly complimentary about the quality of the recipes, which are just as good for parents as they are for kids. There's also a section on shop-bought foods, with advice on how and when it's best to use them.

Available from: Amazon

9. The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook, £14.99

Best for cooking together

Once your toddler is eating 3 meals a day and feeding themselves, it's the perfect time to get them more involved in the kitchen, and that's exactly what this book does, with a focus on hands-on fun for children aged 1 to 4.

At this age it's all about messy fun, and this book encourages squishing, sorting, mixing and pouring. The idea is to let even the youngest toddlers take the lead with simple tasks that need minimal involvement from adults. Reviewers love how child-led the recipes are, with many surprised at how much even a 1-year-old achieve with some guidance and encouragement.

There's also allergy advice, and a section on fussy eating.

Available from: Amazon

10. 25 Foods Kids Hate... And How To Get Them Eating 24, £18.95

Best for fussy eaters

Fussy eaters can challenge even the most patient parent, but there are ways to get them experimenting more with food. Top toddler chef Fiona Faulkner delves into the world of the fussy eater, looking at 25 of the foods they're most likely to struggle with, from spinach to fish.

One reviewer described this book as "a revelation", praising its warm tone and useful advice, as well as its tasty recipes that the book claims will convert even the pickiest child. The book encourages parents to get kids involved, with lots of inventive new ways to serve notoriously difficult dishes.

Available from: Amazon

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