32 baby puree recipes

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About to start weaning? Our round-up of recipes will ensure you never run out of puree ideas and combinations

Baby purees

Somewhere between 4 and 6 months, your thoughts will turn to weaning your baby. And while baby-led weaning (where you give your 6 months+ baby small pieces of finger food and allow him to feed himself) is gaining in popularity, the majority of mums still start by weaning their baby onto purees: fruit and vegetables cooked and then blended to a soft, semi-liquid consistency.

Purees are easy for weaning babies to handle, with no lumps to trouble them, and help them get used to taking food from a spoon.

You’ll probably want to start by offering a single vegetable puree, such as carrot, but as your baby gets the hang of eating, you can introduce other fruit and vegetables, and combine them to make new tastes.

And while it’s advised that you move your baby onto lumpier food by eight months, many purees still have a place beyond this point, for example as a sauce for pasta, or stirred into yoghurt.

Sample some of our 30 best baby puree recipes for babies…

Recipes for first weaning

1. Carrot puree


The simplest puree made with just a single vegetable. Suitable for first weaning.

2. Banana and apple puree


A delicious two fruit puree which can be combined with yoghurt for a pudding. Perfect for the very beginning of weaning.

3. Sweet potato puree


Just sweet potato is needed for this simple recipe. Suitable for first weaning.

4. Simple pear puree


The quickest of fruit purees to make for your baby. Suitable for first weaning.

5. Butternut squash puree


Roasted squash makes this a hearty vegetable puree. Suitable for first weaning.

6. Courgette, pea and kale puree


This green vegetable puree is full of vitamins and nutrients. Suitable for first weaning.

7. Sweet potato and basil puree


Add a twist to a simple sweet potato puree. Suitable for first weaning.

8. Sweet potato and pear puree


Combine these ingredients to make an interesting and freezer-friendly puree. Suitable for first weaning.

9. Parsnip and pea puree


This is an easy and convenient veg puree you can make with frozen peas. Suitable from first weaning.

10. Avocado and mint puree


This is a refreshing and tasty green puree. Suitable for first weaning.

11. Apple puree


A classic option, stewed apples make a sweet baby pudding. Suitable from first weaning.

12. Pear and swede puree


Combine fruit and veg to make this sweet puree. Suitable from first weaning.

13. Butternut squash and carrot with thyme


This herby and savoury recipe is packed with vegetables. Suitable for first weaning.

14. Spiced apple puree


This Christmassy fruit pudding includes nutmeg and cinnamon which add seasonal spice. Suitable for first weaning.

28. Butternut squash and banana puree


This easy puree also works with sweet potato as a substitute. Suitable for a baby’s first solid food.

29. Spinach and roasted carrot puree


Feed your baby this healthy roasted veg puree packed with vitamins. Suitable for a baby’s first solid food.

30. Avocado and pear puree


This unusual combination makes a delicious green puree. Suitable for a baby’s first solid food.

31. Orchard fruit puree


This delicious pudding is made with classic fruits: apples, cherries and peaches. Suitable as a first food.

32. Fruit salad


This recipe is a fruity mix of apple, pear, banana and peach. Suitable for a baby’s first solid food.

15. Summer berry puree


This is a quick and easy fruity treat that can be made with fresh or frozen berries. Suitable for early weaning.

16. Tropical fruit puree


Introduce your baby to a more exotic fruity dessert, including mango, banana and papaya. Suitable for early weaning.

17. Annabel Karmel’s peach, apple and strawberry puree


A sweet fruit puree perfect for the summer months. Suitable from early weaning.

18. Annabel Karmel’s potato, carrot and sweetcorn puree


A delicious and hearty vegetable puree for your baby. Suitable from early weaning.

19. Butternut squash and apricot puree


A tasty orange puree for your baby. Suitable for early weaning.

20. Annabel Karmel’s apricot, apple and pear puree with vanilla


A delicious dessert recipe for your baby. Suitable from early weaning.

21. Creamy apricot dessert


This speedy recipe makes a proper dessert for your baby. Suitable from 6 months.

22. Blueberry, apple and peach puree


A melange of fruits that can be bulked up with yoghurt or baby rice. Suitable from 6 months.

23. Apple, pear and apricot puree


Add yoghurt to this simmered 3 fruit puree for breakfast. Suitable for babies from 6 months.

24. Sweet potato and lentil puree


Superfood lentils go into this healthy and protein-packed recipe. Suitable from 6 months.

25. Pear and nectarine cream


A lovely creamy pudding including pears and nectarines. Suitable from 6 months.

26. Cheesy carrot, parsnip and potato puree


Introduce your baby to this root vegetable puree, flavoured with a little cheese.

27. Courgette and cauliflower puree


This is a lovely refreshing vegetable puree, that works with fresh or frozen ingredients.