30 of the best baby purees

Smooth purees of fruit or vegetables are likely to be your baby's staple diet in the first few weeks of weaning. Simple dishes like carrot puree and sweet potato puree will help get weaning off to a good start. As he progresses, you can then introduce combination purees like parsnip and pea puree and spinach and roasted carrot puree, and throw in some more adventurous ingredients: try butternut squash and carrot with thyme and haricot bean and beetroot to broaden his palate.

Chicken dishes are perfect for introducing your baby to meat

16 chicken recipes for babies

When the time comes to introduce meat to your baby, versatile, mildly flavoured chicken is likely to be your first choice - and it'll remain popular as your little one grows. Newly weaned tots will enjoy tucking into chicken and courgette and chicken and mango mash with veggies, while older babies can get stuck into a tasty chicken stir fry or yummy (but healthy) home made chicken dippers with tomato sauce.

Try beef, lamb, pork or turkey dishes as an alternative to chicken

16 alternative meat recipes for babies

Chicken may be the most popular meat for babies and toddlers, but turkey, pork, beef and lamb are tasty alternatives that are rich in protein and iron. Ring the changes by making an alternative meat dish for your little one, from fruity pork and vegetables or Lancashire hotpot for your weaning baby to a traditional shepherd's pie or a hearty slow-cooked beef stew.

Mildly flavoured fish is popular with babies

15 fish recipes for babies

Children can be fussy about fish, but it's a superfood for growing babies, supporting their brain and eye development, so it's well worth introducing it early on. Mild dishes like cod with cheese and leek sauce, simple salmon pasta and plaice and sweet potato mash are a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids for babies aged seven months plus. We've also got recipes for home made fish fingers and salmon fishcakes: popular teatime treats without the junk.

pasta in a bowl

22 pasta recipes for babies

Pasta is a great versatile food. Quick to cook and easy to use in a wide range of recipes, it's likely to become a favourite with your baby. Try your little one with our simple cheesy pasta with tomato recipe, traditional lasagne or an easy pasta carbonara. Our basic pasta sauces are great for batch cooking and freezing, ensuring you've always got a meal on standby: check out our easy cheesy pasta sauce, simple tomato pasta sauce and baby pesto.

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Introducing veggies from the start will help your baby learn to love them

50 vegetable recipes for babies

Babies who are introduced to a good variety of vegetables early on are less likely to be fussy about them later, so it's well worth cultivating a love of veggies right from the start of weaning. We've got some fab first vegetable purees for your little one, including carrot and cauliflower cheese with rice and simple butternut squash puree, as well as veggie-based main meals for older babies, like country vegetable casserole and spinach and cheese omelette.

Berries are a great source of vitamins

42 fruity recipes for babies

Babies are born with a sweet tooth, so your little one is likely to take to fruit with enthusiasm - and it's a healthy habit for her to get into, too. From basic fruit purees like pear puree and apple puree to unusual fruit-based main meals such as pork and apple stew and tasty puddings including mango and vanilla rice pudding, we've got a recipe to tempt every baby.

vegetarian lentil pie
Ring the changes with a healthy meat-free dinner

10 vegetarian baby recipes

Whether you're raising your little one as vegetarian or just fancy the occasional meat-free day, we've rounded up our most delicious, nutritious veggie recipes to tempt vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Why not try our wholesome bean casserole or baby dhal with pitta for dinner tonight?

Milk-allergic babies can still enjoy a broad and tasty diet

10 dairy-free baby recipes

It needn't be difficult to raise your baby on a cow's milk free diet. Check out our pick of the best dairy-free recipes, from first weaning and beyond, including chicken with sweet potato, swede and carrots, home made haddock fish fingers and a tasty peach pudding that can be made with soya milk or dairy-free formula.

Tasty finger food will encourage your baby to feed himself

26 finger food recipes for babies

Whether you're baby-led weaning or moving on from purees, finger foods will help your tot get to grips with feeding himself. We've got 26 brilliant recipes to tempt him, from healthy snacks like steamed vegetables with cucumber dip and homemade breadsticks and hummous to light lunches such as baby sandwiches with chopped salad and filling dinners, including chicken nuggets and Spanish omelette.