When new mum Kylie Jenner shared a pic of her fake nails on Instagram about 6 weeks after baby Stormi was born, one question came up again and again:


How are you going to deal with all the new mum stuff - particularly the nappy changes - in those things?!

Well, it turns out, if you're dedicated enough - you can still keep your long nails when you're a new mum. Here's what our MadeForMums mums told us...

Mums who kept their long nails after having a baby

One of our mums on Facebook, Nic B, told us she's never felt the need to give up her long acrylic nails after becoming a mum. "I've had had long acrylics for 12+ years and two babies!" she reveals.

"Never been a problem. Acrylic is very soft and smooth compared to your own nails! Kylie will have no problems

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?? xx"


Some of our mums agreed that acrylic nails can actually be softer than long natural nails...

So, if you want long nails you might want to think about fake ones over your own if you're doing lots of nappy changes, though Zoe T told us:

"I have always had long natural nails and they weren't a problem when my kids were little."

One tip we got from mum Jen R is to wear surgical gloves to stop the nappy cream - and poo ? (yep!) - from getting under your nails.

Mums who ditched the long nails when they had a baby

We have to say though, bearing in mind all the nappy changes you'll have with a newborn, unless you're 100% dedicated, as Nic B obviously was - you might think about ditching them until your baby's a bit older.

Sarah S tells us that's exactly what she did: "I always had long (natural) nails. I just started cutting them short when the baby was born.

"I still cut them now she is 13 months. It’s just not worth the hassle of cream or worse, poo, under my nails. Plus it’s not fair on baby when you accidentally scratch them."

And Lucy H reveals she put on her first acrylic set when her baby was 15 months: "Don’t think I could [wear them] with a newborn!" she added.

How to remove acrylic or gel nails

If you've decided you don't want to keep false long nails with a newborn, you'll need to be careful removing them.

Without doubt the best way to do this is to go to a salon and have this done professionally so not to cause any damage (a quick Google suggests this will cost around £10).

But if you do want to have a go at home, NicBonBic on our forum said: "I have been a nail technician in a former life! It will take a while, but acetone nail varnish remover will work.

"It works best if you put some hot water in a large bowl, then put the bowl with the acetone in it, into the hot water so that it is warming it up, with a towel over your hand.

"Do one hand at a time, because you will need to GENTLY file the melted acrylic off."

Images: Kylie Jenner on Instagram/Nic B on Facebook

What do you think?

If you're a fan of long nails - did you keep them after having a baby or go short? Or decide they were too much hassle? Will you back to wearing them once your baby's a bit older?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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