Giving medicine to your baby

Not sure how to give the proper dose of medicine to a baby? Wise up with these dos and don'ts.


DO use a 5ml or 2.5ml measuring spoon. An ordinary teaspoon is not accurate enough to double as a measuring spoon.


DO give your baby the correct medicine for her age. Adult medicines are NOT suitable for children, even given in smaller doses. Likewise, medicines for older children are NOT suitable for babies.

DO use the syringe included with your child’s medicine if you find it easier than using a spoon.

DON’T offer your baby aspirin. Children under 16 should not be given aspirin – it has been linked to a potentially fatal liver syndrome called Reye’s syndrome,

DON’T give your baby medicine when she is lying flat. Her head should be higher than her body or she could inhale the medicine into her lungs.


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