How to start weaning

Here’s what you need to do to get your little one tucking into yummy foods for the first time.


As your baby approaches 6 months, it’s time to think about introducing solid foods into your his diet. Here’s our no fuss guide on how to get started…


Be prepared:

To start weaning, you’ll need some basic equipment. This includes:

  • A blender, smoothie maker, or fine sieve (push food through the sieve with the back of a spoon).
  • A small plastic bowl – this should be durable as it will be thrown around!
  • A shallow plastic weaning spoon. Get one with a soft, shaped handle that your baby can grip easily. Plastic spoons with a built-in sensor that indicates if the food is too hot can be useful, too.
  • A splash mat to put under the highchair to protect your floor.
  • Bibs – a must-have!
  • An ice-cube tray, for freezing small portions of puréed food.

Getting started

Take the edge off his appetite with a small amount of milk. Then mix baby rice or gluten-free cereal with some milk – the consistency should be the same as runny yogurt. Avoid gluten (wheat and oats) at the beginning as it can be hard for little stomachs to digest.

  • Hold him securely on your lap. You can move him to a highchair later on.
  • Rub a small amount of rice or cereal on his lips, so he can get used to the taste and texture.
  • Put a small amount of food on the tip of the spoon and gently put it to his mouth. Never tip him back or force the spoon in. Let your baby set the pace.
  • Keep mealtimes to a set time, so your baby gets used to the routine.
  • If your baby refuses to eat, don’t panic. Leave it for a few days before trying again.


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