A good stash of baby bibs is a parenting essential from the moment your baby is born. You’ll find yourself going through a fair few as your newborn spits up milk feeds, dribbles while teething and starts the journey onto solids. And they will still be a regular item in your bag until well into the toddler years!


But not all bibs are equal and it's important to look for fabrics that are comfortable, protective, durable and washable. Also, look for a design suited to your child’s stage and that is easy to fasten.

Below, we have pulled together a selection of different baby bibs suitable for various stages, including newborn and teething. Some bibs offer full coverage over clothing including sleeves, others are made from soft muslin or high-tech neoprene. Some are more rigid, made with pockets to collect any spills.

We have included feedback from our parent testers along with MFM award winners, tested by our own judges and mums, to help you find the best bib for your baby. We've also got some inspiration on finding the best cups and beakers for your little one.

Best baby and toddler bibs at a glance:

  • Best bib for teething: Babybibs Organic Cotton Bandana Bib, £4.51
  • Best bib for milk feeds: Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Milk Feeding Bibs, £5.49 for a pack of 2
  • Best bib for dribbling: Niamh's Neverland Minky Bibs, £4.50
  • Best bib for a secure fit: Waterproof Sleeved Cape Bib Omnia Baby, £14.99
  • Best bib for longer length: FrostyBabyBoutique Long Sleeve Waterproof Cape Bib, £12.95
  • Best bib for convenient fastening: Close Pop In Bib Stage 3, £13.75
  • Best budget coverall bib: IKEA Kladdig Bib, £7
  • Best budget weaning bib: Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Catch All Bib, £7.94
  • Best bib for extendable coverage: Bibado Weaning Bib: Long-Sleeve Coverall, £19.95
  • Best bib for complete coverage: Tidy Tot Cover & Catch Bib, £15.95 (2 for £18)

What to consider when buying bibs for your child?

Purpose – Bibs are made in different shapes and functions depending on the purpose of the bib. You can have a bib for the weaning stage at 6 months onwards and a bib for catching milk and drool. Many of the weaning bibs are also suitable for messy play and arts and crafts, they serve as a protective layer to prevent your child from staining their clothes when having fun creating. Whatever the purpose you need your child's bib to fulfil, we have plenty in our list below to choose from.

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Fabric – Bibs come in a range of fabrics to help with performance. The fabrics range from silicone, and plastic to cotton and each material gives the bib a slightly different function in terms of absorbing and collecting mess.

Age – The bib you choose will greatly depend on the age of your child. Younger babies under 6 months will be mainly drinking milk so a dribble bib will be well suited and children over 6 months will start to move to solid foods requiring a weaning bib.

Care – Most silicone bibs will simply need to be wiped clean with a cloth whereas some bibs can be washed in the washing machine. Always double-check the care label for instructions on how to care specifically for the bib you purchase.

Here's our pick of the best baby bibs and toddler bibs:

Dribble bibs:

1. Babybibs Organic Cotton Bandana Bib, £4.51

– Best for teething

Babybibs Organic Bandana Baby Bib tested by toddler

Suitable for: 0+ | Care: Washing machine at 40°C

If you have a teething baby, these Bandana Bibs from Babybibs are well-designed for catching dribble so their clothing and chest stays dry. This is thanks to the double-layer design with a thick fleecy backing which our parent testers loved. MFM parent tester Memoona commented, "They're thick enough to absorb moisture but soft at the same time."

"I give these 10/10. Made with babies in mind, they are funky, cool and super cute. They're the only dribble bibs my daughter has been happy to wear all day and I believe it's thanks to the softness around her neck. They are absorbent, wash great and I would highly recommend to all parents," commented parent tester Lucy, who tested this with their 10 month old.

There's a variety of colourful prints to choose from and the poppers around the neck make it easy to fasten onto your baby. "I had loads of compliments and questions from friends," said parent tester Louise. "Great value for money, I’m surprised they don’t cost more – these will last years."

Pros: Soft fabric, durable, double-layer design, colourful prints
Cons: Suitable only for liquids

Available from: Babybibs

2. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Milk Feeding Bibs, £5.49 for a pack of 2

– Best for milk feeds

Suitable for: 0+ | Care: Hand wash or washing machine at 30°C

Catch milky drool and spills with these absorbent feeding bibs that have a soft dribble catcher around the neckline to stop rashes and soreness. The fabric is extra absorbent and absorbs any milk or dribble, keeping your baby's clothing and neck area free from excess moisture.

There is a popper catch to hold these reversible bibs in place and a choice of beautiful muted colours. The front is a plain colour while the reverse features a printed pattern, so you have the choice of which side looks the cutest with your baby's outfit!

Pros: Dribble catcher, extra absorbent, easy to wash
Cons: Only suitable for babies

Available from: Tommee Tippee and Tesco

3. Niamh's Neverland Minky Bibs, £4.50

– Best for dribbling

niamhs neverland bib

Suitable for: 0+ | Care: Hand wash or washing machine at 30°C

These beautifully handmade dribble bibs are made from minky fleece for soft breathability and have a thick fleece reverse side, making them extra absorbent and kind to your baby’s skin. There is a simple press stud fastening which makes it easy to slip on and off and they can be thrown straight into the washing machine after use. The bibs come in an assortment of sweet, neutral designs.

Parent tester Sarah shared, "We're currently using handmade bibs by Niamh's Neverland for our 4 month old. She's a very dribbly/sicky baby and they're beautifully soft velour for little baby skin. We also have a few of her aprons for the weaning stage, which double as my older kid's painting/baking aprons".

Pros: Affordable, lots of colours and patterns, very soft
Cons: Only suitable for babies

Available from: Niamh's Neverland

Weaning bibs:

4. Waterproof Sleeved Cape Bib Omnia Baby, £14.99

– Best secure fit

Waterproof Sleeved Cape Bib Omnia Baby tested by toddler

Suitable for: 6 months - 3 years | Care: Wipe clean or washing machine at 30°C (no tumble drying or ironing)

Carefully handmade, these cape bibs mean business. Weaning can be such a messy stage of development as your child discovers new foods and this cape bib means you won't have to worry too much about stains on your child's clothes.

"I am fully sold on this lovely bib. It's clearly been designed by people who understand exactly what you need. I can't say enough about the softness of the material and fantastic design. No gaping round the neck or wrists either, so my son's clothing is fully protected. I wish I'd come across it earlier!" commented parent tester Claire, who tested this with their 14 month old.

The Omnia Baby bib is made with 100% recycled 'Oeko-Tex-tested' waterproof fabric that is soft and lightweight. Not only can this bib be used for mealtimes, but it can also be used during messy play activities too. The bib has long sleeves and elasticated cuffs that stay in place, and button fastenings for a secure fit.

The cape bib comes in a vast amount of patterns and prints to choose from too so you are spoilt for choice.

Pros: Good coverage, sustainable fabric, secure fit, no gaping, soft and lightweight, versatile
Cons: EPricey, not suitable for young babies

Available from: Omnia Baby

5. FrostyBabyBoutique Long Sleeve Waterproof Cape Bib, £12.95

– Best for longer length

frostybabyboutique bib

Suitable for: 6-24 months | Care: Wipe clean or machine wash at 30°C

The FrostyBabyBoutique bib comes in multiple gorgeous design patterns and offers really good overall coverage. Our parent testers particularly like the longer length of the bib, which is handy for preventing mess gathering on your baby or toddler's lap.

The bibs are lightweight and are made with 'raincoat-style' fabric, ensuring they're protected from liquids too. To fasten the bib, you simply pop the buttons along the back. For extra convenience, the bib comes with a matching bag to carry with you on your journeys. You can wean, bake or play with arts and crafts with this bib and won't have to worry about their entire outfit being messy.

"I cannot stress enough how beautifully this bib washed in comparison to the other types of bibs I have used: not a crease, faded design or mark of wear in sight but, equally, not a stain or smear has remained. Excellent quality," praised parent tester Lisa, who tested this with their 1 year old.

Pros: Good length, range of patterns, washes well, versatile
Cons: Pricey, not suitable for young babies

Available from: FrostyBabyBoutique

6. Close Pop In Bib Stage 3, £13.75

– Best convenient fastening

close pop in coverall stage 4 bib tested by child

Suitable for: 6-18 months | Care: Wipe clean or machine washable at 40°C (no bio detergent or fabric softener)

A popular choice in our Top Testers Club, and available in a range of patterns, the coverall bib has long sleeves and a waterproof layer that deflects any mess when eating or creating. You can fasten it on the shoulder with the 2 poppers and a tie at the back. The bib comes in 2 different size ranges – stage 3 which is suited for 6-18 months and stage 4 suited for 18-36 months.

They machine wash beautifully and the patterned fabrics (which are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead) allow your child to move freely while eating. The tie-back also gives plenty of room to grow and the cuffed wrists prevent food from going up their sleeves.

Parent tester Lindsey shared, "I love Close Pop In because they fasten really well, meaning he can’t just pull them off. I love how they do up on the shoulders instead of round the back of the neck, making them more comfortable to wear."

"The coveralls have been fab for my older son and wish I knew about them sooner as I would have got them when we started weaning – I love how they have sleeves to protect his clothes. We use them for eating and for messy play and it’s great they have a little pocket which catches bits that fall. He has just turned 4 and we can still fit their biggest size coverall for crafts too, which we’ve had since he was about 18 months old. They wash really well. I will definitely be using these when we start weaning the baby," commented parent tester Joanne.

Pros: Shoulder fastening, washes well, lasts long, size variations, versatile
Cons: Pricey, not suitable for young babies

Available from: Close

7. IKEA Kladdig Bib, £7

– Best budget coverall bib

ikea kladdig bib tested by toddler

Suitable for: 0+ | Care: Machine wash at 40°C

You can rely on Ikea to provide you with a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. The bib has a neutral dotted print motif and is lined with bright orange for an extra touch of fun. The bib has good coverage, long sleeves and is fastened at the back with hook and loop velcro.

Though it's super affordable, it doesn't take away from the quality, as parent tester Eleanor confirms by saying "I prefer it over my expensive one."

There's a pocket at the front to collect any food crumbs or water drops, limiting mess falling on their lap or on the floor. The bib is made with plastic fabric that Ikea confirms complies with current safety policies, meaning it's safe for children to wear.

"Ikea Kladdig bibs are our go-to; they're cheap and offer great coverage. Ours have lasted for years with both our girls. They're easy to get on and off, and can be put in the washing machine or just cleaned with a quick hand wash with the dishwasher. They're great for crafts and painting too," commented parent tester Gillian, who tested this with her daughters.

Pros: Affordable, neutral print, easy to use
Cons: Only one colour option

Available from: Ikea

8. Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Catch All Bib, £7.94

– Best budget weaning bib

tommee tippee pelican bib tested with baby

Suitable for: 6 months + | Care: Wipe clean or dishwasher

The Tommee Tippee bib has a distinctive feature inspired by a pelican mouth with a wide crumb catcher pocket. A bit different to the other bibs on our weaning list, the pelican bib is great for younger toddlers. It's made with a lightweight and durable plastic material that's also BPA free.

The bib is such an affordable price and comes in a range of bright colours including orange, pink, blue and red. Parent tester Katie shared, "I like that it's easy to scrape into the bin and goes in the dishwasher!"

Pros: Affordable, wide pocket, easy to clean
Cons: Not the most comfortable, not much coverage, not suitable for young babies

Available from: Amazon and Tesco

9. Bibado Weaning Bib: Long-Sleeve Coverall, £19.95

– Best for extendable coverage

Bibado coverall long sleeve bib tested by toddler

Suitable for: 6 months+ | Care: Wipe clean or machine wash at 40°C

Protect almost every inch of your child’s clothes from spills with this extremely popular choice in our Top Testers Club. This BPA, Phthalates and Azo-dyes free bib/coverall covers your baby and the gap between the table, so it should limit any messiness at dinnertime. You simply put your baby in the bib and then fasten the bottom of the bib to the highchair with the velcro straps – it's genius!

It's also compatible with lots of different highchairs and most pushchairs too. The weaning bib comes in both short and long-sleeve fits and has lots of colour choices to select from. Parent tester Siobhan shared, "The patterns are lovely and it’s great to bring out with you."

The brand comes highly recommended by our parent testers including mum Katie who said, "We have 4, used regularly over the past 18 months since we started BLW (baby-led weaning). It's a definite time and sanity saver, especially in the early days as you can just throw it in the washing machine."

"It’s a game changer. It straps under the high chair and goes across his lap so his lap is protected from food. No more stained trousers. They also do attachable cutlery so they can’t be dropped on the floor," praised parent tester Cali, who tested this with her 9 month old.

Pros: Great lap coverage, long and short-sleeve options, lots of colour options, versatile
Cons: Expensive, not suitable for young babies

Available from: Bibado, Amazon and JoJo Maman Bébé

10. Tidy Tot Cover & Catch Bib, £15.95 (3 for £35)

– Best complete coverage

tidy tot bib tested by baby

Suitable for: 6 months-2 years | Care: Wipe clean or machine wash

This clever bib attaches to high chair trays or tables with suction cups so it can catch food and spills before they hit the floor, keeping both baby and your home clean. The bib is a one-size fit, with an adjustable neck fastening to make sure it’s secure. It’s also machine washable and there is also a short-sleeved version available.

Parent tester Katie liked how straightforward the bib was to use with its suction cups. She commented, "The suckers are really handy, as the bib then creates a canopy to catch the food in."

"We have tried a lot of bibs and always come back to Tidy Tot. They seem to last and wash really well and the velcro doesn’t lose its stick –I’ve had some over 2 years that are still going strong. I've just bought some more for my very messy 9 month old on a great deal that worked out less than £12 each, which I think is a bargain!" shared parent tester Kate.

Pros: Sticks to high chair, great suction, good coverage, good triple-pack deal
Cons: Slightly expensive, not suitable for young babies

Available from: Tidy Tot


How did we choose these products?

When testing these bibs with home testers, we asked them to report back on how well it performed, how well it washed, potential length of use, and whether they thought it was worth the money.

Our Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

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