Lots of parents, it seems, know what it's like to get shamed for giving their little ones a dummy after a certain age.


Even A-listers like David Beckham aren't immune: back in 2015 he felt the need to defend his decision to give Harper a dummy at the age of 4.

And recently a mum on our forum shared how she was feeling pressure from her family to start weaning her little one off at the age of 2.

But is there really a 'right' age to take a dummy away?

Lots of our mums have told us that by around 2 and a half their little ones tend to have a dummy only at night - but plenty of you also say that you have no intention of ditching the dummy until your little one wants to.

"My son only gave it away to the 'dummy fairy' a month ago. He is nearly 5. I think you should leave it until they are ready," says Sofia C.

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And Anisa M says: "My daughter had hers until she was 4 and she gave it up all by herself when she was ready!!

"So don't let other people judge you they will always give you negative feed back... everyone thinks they can give advice to other people about there kids urrrrmmm... my kid my problem."

Dawn S brings up the fact that for plenty of children over the age of 4 - if it's not a dummy they have as comfort, it's something else - and no one seems to have an issue with that.

"Lots of kids have different security items such as dummies, blankets and teddies. They feel secure and safe with whatever item they have attached to.

"Why take away something they love and feel secure with? They are just little babies, toddlers etc - don't force them to grow up too soon. I'm a firm believer in the child will do it when they are ready - same as potty training."

In addition, lots of you said you didn't feel having a dummy hindered your little one in any way (as some people suggest it does).

Kitty D says: "My daughter is 2 and a half years and still has a dummy. I personally don't care.

"Her speech is amazing and she's so advanced. She can count to 15. Name 5 shapes. Name all colours. And sing her ABCs.

"Having a dummy doesn't make them less advanced. The dentist says she has perfect teeth and It's a comfort for my daughter and we've had a difficult 2 years so I couldn't care less."

In fact, in the main, our mums are a pretty sensible and tolerant bunch - believing that letting your child lead is the best thing to do on this one.

"Whenever the child is ready, they will eventually decide themselves when they don't need their dummy anymore," says Nicole F.

"My oldest was about 3 and a half years when he realised his dummy got a tear. He came to us and said 'dummy is broken', and threw it in the bin himself, and that was it.

"My youngest was younger than 2 when he suddenly from one day to the next just started refusing it.

"It saves so much stress for everyone to let the child guide you. All children are different."

And we have to say - here here to that ?

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