Lose the baby weight

Finding it hard to shift the inches you gained during pregnancy?


You are meant to put on weight when you have a baby. You need it to provide the extra energy for producing milk to feed your little one after the birth.


The problem comes when it fails to disappear months later.

It is important not to expect to lose too much too soon as that can leave you with a serious energy deficit, putting the health of you and your baby at risk.

Many women find they never get back to their pre-pregnancy weight, while others actually end up smaller than before – probably because of all the rushing around that is part and parcel of becoming a mum. 

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow complained that it was much harder to lose the baby weight after the birth of her second child Moses in April 2006.

Many mums have the same problem. It’s almost as if second time around, your body is less willing to let those extra pounds go.

Babyexpert user Tina admits: ‘The weight just fell off after I had my first baby but after the next one I found it took more than a year before I stopped feeling totally flabby.

‘I had to make a real effort to eat properly, whereas before I survived and actually lost weight on a diet of chocolate biscuits.’ 

So how did Gwyneth do it? Sensible eating and gentle exercise saw her regain her shape over a period of six months, but even now she’s got a fuller figure than before.


Remember, if you’re pregnant or still breastfeeding you should not be dieting.

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