It absolutely positively CAN'T have escaped your notice that Mother's Day (Sunday March 10th) is very nearly here. And it's pretty cool that, while you've (probably) spent most of your life making a fuss of your own mum on Mother's Day, it's now also your turn to be the mum who's fussed over.


And, as much as we wouldn't say no to a new dress, some swanky jewellery or a voucher for a future spa break, we aren't really expecting that to happen but that's OK – because it's actually just the little things that would make us happy, right? The things that say, 'Thank you, Mum. We appreciate what you do for us.'

We asked our the mums in our MadeForMums Top Testers Community what Mother's Day gestures would make them smile, and here's their wishlist..

Here's 10 things mums really want for Mother's Day...

1. A lie-in

Ah, this goes without saying. A few more zzzzs before we have to get up would be oh so nice. If there's ONE day a year we think we deserve a little extra time in the land of nod, surely it's Mother's Day? Please!

2. Breakfast in bed

If you manage to get that extra snooze time, how nice would this little bonus be? It doesn't have to be fancy: yes, heart-shaped poached eggs with a side of wild mushrooms on brioche on a red-rose-laden tray would be great (if a bit tricky to balance in bed) but we'll settle for jam on toast. And a cup of tea that we actually get to drink before it's gone cold. Bliss.

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3. A couple of hours to catch up on Netflix

Ah, 'me time': it's an overused cliché, we know, but it does kinda sum up what we're after on Mother's Day. How we'd LOVE an hour or 2 on the sofa catching up on that new Netflix series our other half doesn't want to watch with us, or reading a book, in proper hear-a-pin-drop peace and quiet...

4. Something homemade

Whether's its a card, a collage, a painted stick with a face on it or our child's little handprint in a frame, we are suckers for something that's taken just that bit of effort to make. We might even cry a bit. And put said homemade masterpiece in pride of place on a shelf in the lounge – and beam at it with pleasure for ages.


5. Someone to tell you: 'It's your day = your choice'

Whatever it is you're into, it would be really nice for someone to say that's how you'll get to spend the day. Whether it's being tucked up at home watching movies, heading to the country for a walk or browsing the shops, doing JUST what you want makes for the best day ever.

6. A long, uninterrupted bath

Ohh, the joy of filling a bath with bubbles, popping on a podcast or a chilled Spotify playlist, getting in and closing your eyes while you soak away the week that's gone. With no little people popping their head round the door to ask for juice or a snack or a story – or to get in with you. HEAVEN in a tub.


7. No chores

It goes without saying, we reckon, that Mother's Day should be a day when someone else does all the daily chores, right? So, no cooking, no washing up – and yep, no nappy changes, people. Go on...

8. A break from the norm

What makes a day like this special is that there's the chance it could be different from all the other days. The routine is broken – whether it's because we get a little gift, some hand-picked flowers or just the chance to put our feet up. And that's the kind of thing that makes a day special.


9. Five minutes of peace

Whether you get some, none, or all of the 8 other treats above, we really hope you do at least get a few uninterrupted minutes to soak up the fact that, this Mother's Day, you're a mum and that you're doing pretty well!

10. Lots of hugs

Well, we want these ALL the time (obvs) but a heartfelt hug from a little person, just because you're Mum, reminds you that the sleepless nights and the constant mum hair are all worth it. A pretty good gift to get this Mother's Day, we reckon. Affirmation indeed that you're doing a BRILLIANT job.

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