Hands up who wants a lie-in for Mother's Day? At the very least, right? These free, printable Mother's Day tokens mean you can claim some proper peace and relaxation this Mothering Sunday (19 March) or give them to a mum you know so she can claim the same. Or both!


Our Mother's Day printables include tokens for:

  • a lie-in
  • breakfast in bed
  • kids' best behaviour for the day
  • a 'day off' to do as you please
  • a special treat, customised just for you

Sounds good? If you're a mum hoping to get some Mother's Day tokens exactly like these (to be used on any day of the year, of course), you could share this article with someone who might just print them out for you.

Or, if you think a more obvious hint is needed, simply print these Mother's Day tokens out yourself and make sure whoever's in charge of gifts in your house hands them back to you on Mother's Day so you can 'spend' them immediately.

Here are you free, downloadable Mother's Day vouchers to print

1. Breakfast in bed token

Mother's Day token for breakfast in bed

To be fair, breakfast in bed often sounds better than it actually is – especially if it's being overseen by a child. The best possible outcome is a) your partner's heavily involved, something rather delicious arrives, and you don't have to get out of the bed and tend anyone else's needs first.

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The slightly more realistic outcome is b) the toast is burnt, the eggs are a bit crunchy (yummy, shells) and the tea rather cold, possibly with you needing to get back into bed to eat it, after feeding the baby/toddler/cat. Please note, this token does not guarantee you'll get outcome a).

2. Lie-in token

Mother's Day voucher for a lie in

Let's face it, getting a little extra sleep – or even just not getting up – is priceless. No more explantation needed...

3. Best behaviour token

Mother's Day token for best behaviour

Possibly the cream of the crop. For one day only, watch your children try to stop whingeing, crying, pulling the cat's tail, putting sticky fingers on your clothes. Definitely a Mother's Day to remember...

4. 'Day off' token

Mother's Day voucher for a relaxing day off

Yep, a whole day of just doing what you like while someone else does the childcare. Boxset, shops, long walk, trip to the loo without small hangers on: the world's your oyster!

5. Customisable token

Mother's Day customisable voucher

We've left this token blank for you or the gift giver to fill in a Mother's Day treat of your own devising. So whether it's lunch at your favourite cafe, babysitting in the evening, a massage, a trip into town, a promise to tidy your room or go to bed at the right time without moaning (well, we can always dream), you can just write it down – and watch how much it's appreciated.

Illustrations: Emma Winchester


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