The most thoughtful, touching Mother's Day gift has to be a handmade card from a child, sticky with glue and maybe a bit wonky in places, but created with love.


With these simple step-by-step instructions, you can help a child make this beautiful spring flower card for Mothering Sunday on 10 March 2024

What you'll need

  • Pencil
  • Thick coloured paper in green, plus 2 other colours (we've used orange and yellow/purple)
  • Scissors*
  • A4 sheet of white paper or card
  • Glue

*Adult supervision required

Step 1

Draw a flower with 3 petals on a piece of thick coloured paper, and then carefully cut out the shape you have drawn


Step 2

Make a fold down the middle of each petal neatly, roughly following the dotted lines shown below

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Step 3

Then make another fold between each petal to make a flower shape


Step 4

Fold a long piece of green paper in half lengthwise and cut a thin leaf shape against the fold. Remember to keep the paper folded as you cut


Step 5

Cut a stem from green paper. Then, from the orange paper, cut 3 small strips with points at one end to make the flower's stamens


Step 6

Fold the sheet of white A4 paper or card in half. Glue on your stem, leaf, and stamens, then stick the flower on top


And there you are – all done!


How to add some special extra touches...

You can also add more flowers to create a meadow effect (see above right), or use a different coloured background to give greater depth (see above left).

Images: With thanks to the Little Children's Book of Things to Do


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