Mums’ advice about interacting with your baby

If your baby is clingy or grizzly, then have a peak at our mums’ top tips…


When she cries with others

“There was a stage when Katie would cry when she was held by anyone other than me and her dad. We got through it by not making a big deal of it, giving her a toy or singing to her to take her mind off it. She’d soon forget who was holding her!”


Emma Ray, 29, from Wakefield, mum to Katie, 8 months

For coping with a clingy baby

“I was worried about going back to work as Ellie was very clingy and she became hysterical when I put her down, so to get her ready I had to wean her off me gradually. At first I sat next to her while playing, but I made sure we weren’t touching. I gradually got further away until eventually I could leave her in the room with someone else as she learnt I’d always be coming back.”

Jane Connor, 35, from Manchester, mum to Ellie, 11 months

“Archie started to get really clingy at about 7 months, crying if his dad or I left the room. We found playing peek-a-boo helped, as he began to realise that if someone goes away, they do come back. His daddy would go behind the sofa for a few seconds then pop up again. We increased the time we were away and he soon got over his fear.”

Danielle Jones, 34, from Glasgow, mum to Archie, 1

Soothing a grizzly baby

“I’ve found that popping Millie in front of a mirror is the best remedy for calming her down when she’s grizzly. She’s so fascinated by her reflection that she’s immediately distracted and within seconds is smiling and kicking her legs with delight.”

Sharon Dame, 32, from Leeds, mum to Millie, 8 months, and George, 3.

For socialising with a baby

“I’ve found my local children’s centre really helpful (check our Neighbourhood section to find your nearest one). It’s got me out and about and there’s always so much going on for my two little ones. My eldest, Barney, loves the toy library there and can’t wait to go each week and borrow something new.”


Holly Nixon, 32, from Warwickshire, mum to Barney, 3, and Evangeline, 18 weeks

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