Mums’ top tips on bathing and cleaning your baby

Mums share their best advice on how to bathe and clean your newborn


Drying your baby after a bath

“Use a small, soft flannel to dry your baby after a bath. I’ve found it really useful as flannel cloths are much thinner than great big towels, so it’s easier to manoeuvre and it gets into all the creases and folds of young skin.”


Margaret Claxton, 36, from Norfolk, mum to Jamie, 4, and Troy, 2 months

Cleaning your newborn’s bottom

“When Harry was first born I missed cleaning some of the tiny folds in his upper legs, which is really easy to do when you’re preoccupied with your new baby. So make sure you check all the creases around his legs and bottom before putting a clean nappy on. I also found using cotton wool and warm water the best for dealing with the mess.”

Sylvia Tread, 30, from Berkshire, mum to Harry, 3 months

Looking after your newborn’s bellybutton

“I tried to leave my baby’s bellybutton stump open to air to speed up the shrinking process ready for it to drop off. I carried on bathing as normal but made sure I dried it carefully afterwards, to stop it getting infected.”

Hayley Shields, 23, from London, mum to Harry, 3 months

For happy bathtimes

“I make sure I have everything within arm’s reach ready for Jacob’s bath so I don’t have to leave him at any time. Now the weather’s turned chilly I put his PJs and towel on the radiator before the bath so they’re warm when I dry and dress him. He loves his baths now as he’s kept warm and happy before, during and after his time in the tub.”

Briony Ross, 27, south Lanarkshire, mum to Jacob, 1

For easy bathtimes

“Whenever I give Hope a bath, I always put the bottles of liquid soap and shampoo in the water for a few minutes before I use them. This makes them nice and warm, and not a shock for her skin and head. It keeps her happy in the tub and she loves watching the bottles floating and bobbing around her in the water.”

Carol O’Connor, 34, from Surrey, mum to Hope, 15 months, and 33 weeks pregnant

Cutting baby nails

“My son, Kayllum is really wriggly and won’t sit still long enough for me to cut his nails. So I’ve learnt to do it when he falls asleep. I get the scissors out five minutes after he’s dropped off as if I do it too quickly or leave it too long, he instantly wakes up again.”


Simone Pollock, 24, from Cambridgeshire, mum to Kayllum, 18 months

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