Sleep patterns and problems for your baby aged 3 months to 6 months

Megan Faure, author of the 'The Babysense Secret', explains sleeping patterns for your baby under 6 months of age, plus common sleep problems for your young baby


Your baby’s sleep has probably has been improving since those newborn days. Close to 3 months of age, you can expect your baby to be waking once or twice at night. Then just when you think you’re getting there, the wheels may fall off – he starts waking increasingly earlier and earlier. Your baby does this between 4 months and 6 months of age because his nutritional needs are changing. Up to this age, milk will be satisfying and but around this time your baby needs a little more to get him sleeping through the night.


There are three possible solutions:

  • Your baby needs nutritional support at night, so feed him when he cries if three or more hours have passed. Don’t be tempted to give your baby a dummy at every night waking to put him back to sleep because over-use could impact on sleep later if habits develop
  • Give your baby a top up feed of formula or expressed breast milk in the evening. Treat this as a cluster feed just before bedtime.

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