The Cancer baby

Find out about a child born under the sign of the crab, 22 June to 23 July...


Cancer: 22 June to 23 July

Ruled by the changeable Moon, Cancerian babies can swing from happy to tearful and back in the space of seconds. They love feeling safe and cared for. As they grow older they’ll enjoy dolls and teddies – don’t be surprised if they end up with so many in bed there’s no room for them!
They’re very intuitive and can take strong likes and dislikes to people. They prefer familiar family and friends to new pals, though their curiosity will ensure they grow more outgoing over time.


Cancerian children love: Swimming or splashing about – Cancer is a water sign after all!

Cancerian children loathe: Change. Altering their routine slowly works far better than drastic changes.


What parents should know: Your Cancerian baby could go through very clingy phases, but patience and reassurance will help them feel more secure.

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