The Capricorn baby

The Capricorn baby personality 21 December to 20 January...


Capricorn: 21st December – 20th Janurary 


Capricorn newborns have a reputation for being the best-behaved babies of all because they settle easily, sleep for hours between meals and are good at quietly amusing themselves – the type who’ll happily sit in their cot playing with a toy, and settle easily at nursery or with grandma. But don’t make the mistake of thinking your little Capricorn is the easygoing type – they certainly won’t relish being cuddled by just anyone, and they have a stubborn, tenacious streak that means once they decide they’re going to do something, they won’t let anything get in their way. But they’re sensible and cautious too, so you won’t find them wanting to scale the heights of the bookshelf

Capricorn babies love: Working things out and making things work. With above average intelligence, good concentration, patience, strong will and tenacity, they enjoy a challenge and reach those all-important milestones through sheer effort.

Capricorn babies loathe: Taking risks. These serious and thoughtful babies often prefer to observe situations before they feel secure enough to leap into the action, so they can take a while to warm up and make friends.


What parents should know: Don’t be surprised if you find yourself clowning around to jolly up your little one as they can easily become despondent.

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