The first two months with your baby

Dr Claire Halsey tells you what developments to expect in the first two months


Your social baby

In the early weeks, your baby is totally focused on his relationship with you and close family and is more likely to be soothed by people who sound and smell familiar. He’ll make eye contact from the moment he’s born, and if he’s crying, holding him will help him calm down. At around 6 weeks, you should get your first smile!

baby hand

Getting moving

At birth, your baby has little control over his body – but he’ll soon put a lot of practice and determination into learning to move and you’ll see him rapidly gain head and neck control.

When he’s newborn, his grasp reflex allows him to wrap his fingers around yours. Once the reflex fades, his fine motor skills take off and he’ll reach out.

baby eye contact

Communication skills

Although your baby communicates his needs mainly through crying, he’ll also be sending you messages about how he feels by looking into your eyes and moving his body. Your attention, gaze, gentle touch and tone of voice will complete this two-way exchange. It’s through this powerful eye contact that you begin to communicate and forge a lasting connection.

baby rattle


Everything your baby hears, sees, tastes, feels or smells builds connections between brain cells. The more frequently your baby is exposed to new things, the stronger those neutral pathways will be, so keep stimulating his senses with new things to look at and listen to.

Claire Halsey book

Baby Development – Everything You Need To Know

Baby Development – Everything You Need To Know by Dr Claire Halsey

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