The Pisces baby

Find out about a child born under the sign of two little fish, 20 February to 20 March...


Pisces: 20 February to 20 March

Little Pisceans are often quiet and timid but charming, too. They’re well-behaved and can entertain themselves from an early age, but can feel a bit insecure, so often need lots of love and attention from their parents. In return, they’ll show lots of affection. Pisceans are inquisitive and cheerful and enjoy learning while sitting on your lap.


Piscean babies love: Being around people they love and being showered with affection.

Piscean babies loathe: Arguments. Pisceans are natural peacemakers and often use their diplomatic skills to avoid future possible problems.


What parents should know: Pisceans are often quite insecure around new people, so make sure you use gentle persuasion to help them learn to share the love they have for you with others, too.


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