’11 things I’m doing differently with my 2nd baby’

Ban visitors, record each feed and nappy change, don't put pressure on yourself... There's some GREAT advice here for new mums from a mum who's learnt a lot from her 1st time round


Becoming a mum for the 1st time can be pretty overwhelming, right? Everything’s so new and strange.


Second (or more) time around though, as well as being a bit of a pro, you also have way less time to worry about your newborn as you have another child (or more than 1) in tow as well.

When we asked our own MFMers on Facebook for advice on coping with the early days of having a baby, mum-of-2 Emma Atkin responded brilliantly, telling us: “There were a million things that I told myself I would do differently when I had my 2nd child based on my experience after I had my 1st baby. You deffo learn by experience!” 

Here are 8 things Emma told us she did differently with baby number 2

  1. Cuddling your baby is not spoiling them: do it as much as you can because when they are older and don’t want cuddles anymore, you’ll miss them! 
  2. A lot easier said than done but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do everything and for everything to be back to normal straightaway. Spend 1,2,3 weeks, a month, in your PJs, or however long you need to to recover and feel yourself again.
  3. Accept help when you need it but don’t be afraid to turn it down either when you need time for yourself.
  4. Ban visitors for the 1st few days if you can – especially if you’re breastfeeding and aren’t used to feeding around people yet. This is a hard one as there may be a lot of pressure from people wanting to see you and baby, but it did me the world of good when I had my 2nd baby.
  5. Always have drinks and snacks, a book or TV remote in front of you before you sit down to feed baby. 
  6. Sleep deprivation is a killer! Take each night and day as it comes and rest during the limited moments you can. Housework and stuff can wait a little longer. 
  7. If you’re unsure about ANYTHING, don’t be afraid to ask your HV/GP/MIdwife etc... There is no such thing as a stupid question. 
  8. In the early weeks, keep a record of feed times and the number of wet/dirty nappies. It’s a lot easier to show a midwife a log of all of this, rather than rack your overtired brain to remember how many baby has had because, believe me, poop,wee and feeds are all you’ll be asked about in those early weeks! 
  9. If you’re breastfeeding, seek help from specialist breastfeeding support workers because there is a lot of misguided and incorrect information on Google. And use nipple cream! It’s a godsend! Breastfeeding can hurt whilst you and baby are learning how to latch and how to position.
  10. Follow your instincts. You will get to know the ins and outs of your baby and you will learn to know if there is something wrong or not quite right. 
  11. Most importantly, enjoy it! They’re only little for a short amount of time. It amazes me how quick time flies so make the most of it all.

What do you think?

We love what Emma wrote here ❤️ If you’re a 2nd-time around mum, do you find, like Emma, that you’re doing things differently this time round? Anything you’d change on Emma’s list or add? 

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