Travel vaccinations for babies

Travel to many countries may involve getting vaccination protection against diseases common to the local area

Travelling abroad can require the right


vaccinations for more countries that you’d think.

Vaccines for babies
Many medicines for babies are not tested on infants but are reduced dosages from the adult medicines.
Discuss vaccines with your doctor and make sure he or she knows what your baby’s medical history is in case there is a condition which

makes have jabs inadvisable.
Nowadays, our sprawling families and friends mean that travelling abroad with small children isn’t just about going on exotic holidays.

Visiting granny in Australia or grandpa in Mumbai can be an adventure long before a baby’s first birthday. A lot of basic jabs are already

included in the multiple vaccines babies are advised to have at two, three and four months. Also many babies already get the BCG (against TB infection)either at

birth or if their parents choose, before they are three months old.
Take your baby’s medical book along to the clinic or GP’s surgery if you want to get advice about what else you might need.

Plan ahead
Many vaccinations for travelling abroad need to be spread out or need a few weeks to recover from/take effect.
There is some wonderful country-by-country information on which tells you about adult and child

dosages, how long a jab protects you for, etc.
If you want to find out what you can get via the NHS and what you are likely to have to pay for (even if you have them done at your own


surgery), check out the NHS Direct website.

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