Why won’t he take his milk?

Why won't he take his milk? Nutritionist Caroline Bunker answers your questions on baby feeding.


Nutritionist Caroline says…


Fussiness about feeding is common at this age. If your son senses that you are anxious it will only make matters worse, so try to stay calm and never force-feed your baby.

At this age, formula-fed babies need about one pint of formula milk a day. Some babies like a full milk feed before or after their solids, but others take less milk as they eat more solid food. You could try giving your son solids at mealtimes and a milk feed an hour or so later. You could also try offering milk from a lidded cup. Cow’s milk is not suitable as a drink until your son is one, but you can use it for mixing with cereals and recipes made from scratch. Other dairy foods are a good source of calcium, so if you can’t get your little boy to drink much milk, try including yoghurt or a milky dessert in his meal.


Babies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are real whoppers; others are little mites! Try not to compare your son with babies of the same age. His growth will be measured regularly on a centile chart to check that it is steady and following roughly the curve. However, if you are worried about your baby’s feeding or growth, talk to your health visitor or GP.


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