Your baby at 1 week

He’s only been here for seven days, but your tiny baby has turned your world upside-down, back-to-front, and into a lovelier, better place.


What’s happening with your baby?

I can see you! Isn’t nature amazing? It’s ensured your baby can best see objects about 20-25cm (8-10inches) away from him. That’s just about the distance between his face and yours when you’re breastfeeding. He’s gradually learning to focus, so make plenty of eye contact, smile and talk to him while he sucks. 


Baby weight: Your baby will probably have lost weight during his first week – especially if he is being breastfed. But by week two, expect him to be gaining about half an ounce to an ounce a day.

Cry baby: You may feel as though he does nothing but cry – but it’s his only way of letting you know he is tired, hungry, bored or uncomfortable. You’ll soon get to learn what his wail means what – just respond to his cries and let him know you understand by lavishing your love and attention on him so he feels secure.

How you can help your baby this week

What’s that down there? You can help your baby become more aware of his body by gently moving his arms and legs when you change his nappy, kissing his tummy, stroking his body and carefully bending and straightening his legs without forcing.

Follow me: Move a favourite toy along his line of vision, about 20 cm away. See if he follows the toy – it helps strengthen his eye muscles and his ability to keep track of an object.

Your baby’s health

Belly button basics: His umbilical cord stump will dry up, turn black and drop off around now. Until it does, keep it clean and dry.

Jaundice: This yellowing of the skin – caused by a build-up of bilirubin –  is very common in newborn babies, but should be disappearing around now. Your midwife will keep an eye on his colour.

Play ideas for your baby

Facing facts: He is naturally attracted to looking at faces and responds more positively to them than most other things – so place a child-safe mirror in his cot so he can see himself, or put in a picture of a face for him to focus on.


Mobile magic: Hang a mobile above the cot, so your baby has something to gaze at

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