Your baby’s coughs and colds explained

Find out how to soothe your baby’s seasonal sniffles and how to tell if it’s something more serious


The season of coughs and colds is upon us and because your baby’s immune system is still immature, it’s likely that she’ll suffer the odd cough or cold this winter.


Although most of the bugs she catches will be harmless, you’ll want to do all you can to help her get better. It’s also vital that you know the signs of more serious illnesses and when to call the doctor.

Here’s how to spot the tickly cough from the croup with our round-up of common nursery winter illnesses…

Q&A: Your queries on baby coughs and colds answered

Common baby winter illnesses

Coughs and colds

Is your baby’s cough croup?

How to tell if it’s something more serious

When to call the doctor

Meningitis: everything you need to know


Could your baby have swine flu?

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