With Take 10 to Play, brought to you with LEGO® DUPLO®, you can discover 10 brilliant 10-minute games to play with your child. Each game is specially designed to boost early learning, and to help you and your child create and connect together – for a smile-filled session of family fun.


This game is great for developing hand-eye coordination and concentration skills, with the additional sensory stimulation of water play. Manipulating a sieve to scoop a small toy out of water is a brilliantly splish-sploshy way to encourage a child to refine their hand movements, boost their logical thinking skills and build their resilience, if it takes a few tries to succeed.

Here's how to play Scoop & Build

What you'll need:

If you don’t have the DUPLO Floating Animal Train, you can use small bath toys

How to play

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  • Put the separate bricks of the Floating Animal Train in the tub of water (you might want to place the tub on a towel to mop up splashes, or use the bath instead)
LEGO DUPLO Scoop & Build game
  • Give your child the sieve and encourage them to 'scoop out' the bricks one by one
LEGO DUPLO Scoop & Build game
  • Talk with your child about what the bricks they've scooped out are and how they match and/or fit together – and get building!
LEGO DUPLO Scoop & Build game

Extra ways to play Scoop & Build – for extra learning!

  • Use tongs or a spoon, rather than a sieve
  • Ask your child only to scoop out blue bricks or yellow ones. Or 1 of each colour
  • Use a stopwatch: how many bricks can your child scoop out in 20 seconds?
  • Put numbers or stickers on some bricks – and get your child to fish only for them or award more points for scooping those ones out
  • Get 2 siblings/friends to scoop at once (be prepared for a lot of splashing!) or take it in turns to scoop
  • Give your child more complicated missions: scoop out 3 animal bricks, for example, or scoop out the bucket

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And if you want some singing fun, too

Continue the splashy fun by making the LEGO® DUPLO® Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train part of your bathtime routine – and playing the LEGO® DUPLO® Bath Time Song. Sing along as you rinse and soap – and watch the animal float and bob in the water.