10 of the best random acts of kindness 2015

You know those heart-melting stories that make you go ahhhh? They're all here...


Here at MFM we do LOVE a random act of kindness – after all there seems to be so much mum-shaming doing the rounds.


It’s just so inspiring when someone’s nice to a stranger for no reason at all – other than they seem like they need a virtual hug. Here are a few of our faves from 2015. Remember the one where…

1. A woman helps a struggling mum on a plane by taking her baby and getting him to sleep 

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2. A lollipop lady offers stationery to needy kids on the first day of school – all from her own money

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3. Strangers in Liverpool stop everything to help a mum find her lost toddler 

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4. A professor takes a crying baby and calms him half way through so the mum doesn’t have to leave the lecture

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5. A policeman saves a toddler’s life by running him up to hospital

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6. A 5-year-old asks his mum to buy a homeless man dinner

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7. A whole community puts on a superhero parade for a little girls who’s told she can’t be Spiderman

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8. A stranger passes a dad a note to commend him for spending quality time with his child

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9. Cops spot a couple driving without car seat – and instead of giving them a ticket decide to help them out big time

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10. A boy makes a woman’s disabled son’s “world better” at the Science Museum and she writes a letter to thank him

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