Amanda Holden reveals she had therapy for ‘post-traumatic stress syndrome’ after the birth of her second daughter.

During the birth of her daughter Hollie, 2, Amanda suffered a torn artery and severe bleeding. Her heart actually stopped for 40 seconds.

Talking to Radio Times, she said: “After that I thought seriously about illness and assumed whenever I had a cough it was lung cancer. I’ve had therapy and was told I suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. I assumed that was what people had in Afghanistan, and I haven’t fought a war, but maybe I have in a way.”

The mum-of-2 also has a daughter, Lexi, 8, but in 2010 Amanda had a miscarriage, followed a year later by a stillborn son, Theo, at 7 months.

She ignored warnings that she should wait for a while before trying for another child. Instead, she pretended to her husband Chris that she was still on the Pill and ended up becoming pregnant with Hollie

She said: “I took the stress out of it for him – micromanaging. We have an amazing daughter.”

After Hollie’s birth, Amanda was criticised for returning to work too quickly.

She said: “Hilarious. It was 2 days, and she came with me. Funny too – Simon and David Walliams are working having had babies. I think of myself as a role model – it’s positive to get on with life.

“My children don’t suffer. They have their dad, and when I’m not working I’m a full-time mum – Monkey Music, Dizzy Dance. I shake my maracas with the best of them.”

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