Awesome and Bowie: the most unusual Scottish baby names

Scottish parents took inspiration from musical icons and cult TV shows when choosing names last year


The most popular names in Scotland might still be Jack and Emily – but more and more Scottish parents are striking out with much more unusual names.



There were a number of unique baby names, with just 1 girl named Awesome, 1 Surely, 1 Avana-Solaris, 1 Bliss and 1 Diamond. Unique names for boys included Journey, Wisdom and Peace.


Unusual choices included 3 boys and 1 girl named Fox, 1 girl named Forest, 1 Pebbles, 1 Rogue and 1 Wolf.


There was 1 girl named Snow and 1 named Sunshine. There were 4 girls named Sunny and 74 little girls called Summer while 1 boy and 9 girls were called Winter. 


After the Scottish independence referendum in September 2014, 1 boy and 4 girls were named Indy, 23 girls called Indie and 6 named Indi.


Musical icons

1 boy was named Bowie, another Cobain and another one Cash while 2 boys were named Hendrix.

Game of Thrones

Arya Stark – one of the main characters in TV’s Game of Thrones – was the namesake for 46 girls in Scotland last year. The name rose 39 places in the top names list to the 95th spot in 2015.

The Hobbit 

Thorin Oakenshield is the leader of the dwarves in The Hobbit – and inspiration for 5 little boys’ names in Scotland last year.

The Beckham clan

All of David and Victoria Beckham’s children’s names appeared in the top list with 128 girls named Harper, 7 boys named Cruz, 6 Romeos and 3 Brooklyns.

A royal connection

A whopping 127 baby boys were named George last year – sharing their name with Wills and Kate’s little boy. His sister’s name was even more popular – with 209 babies named Charlotte.

Source: National Records of Scotland

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