Baby Ronaldo’s mum is “dead”, says aunt

Shock comment by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister that his baby “doesn’t have a mother”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister has waded into the murky waters behind the arrival of the football star’s surprise son last year. Kate Aveiero, the Portuguese star’s sister, has claimed the baby’s birth mother is dead.


“There is no mother, no telephone calls, nothing,” Kate told a Portuguese magazine.  “His mother died. The baby doesn’t have a mother,” she said.

Rumours about Cristiano Jnr have been circulating ever since Ronaldo announced the arrival of his son via Facebook in July last year. There have been suggestions that the baby was born after a one night stand with a British student or an American waitress, while others claim the footballer used a US surrogate.

But Kate refused to shed more light on her baby nephew’s background. “The boy is ours. I’m not going to say how he arrived with us, but I guarantee he’s my brother’s son, my nephew, from our blood.” She added that, though Ronaldo claims to be a hands-on dad to his son, it’s Grandma who puts in the hours. “His mother is my mother, who is the person who is with him 24 hours a day,” Kate explained.


The shock comments fly in the face of claims Ronaldo paid off the birth mother but we wonder if “dead” to the Ronaldos simply means dead to them…

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