Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby security measures

Beyonce feared for baby Blue safety because of her previous miscarriage, reports claim.


Proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly spent £1million on tight security before and after Blue Ivy Carter was born.


 Despite the excitement around the birth of the celebrity couple’s first child, friends of Beyonce have alledgedly said she was scared for baby Blue’s safety because of her previous secret miscarriage

 “Jay-Z dropped everything and told Beyonce he’d do whatever it takes to protect her,” said an insider, reports Look magazine.

 “They’d already been careful to mislead the public into thinking Blue was due in February, so no one would show up at the hospital in New York, and Jay-Z also made arrangements to block off her maternity suite from everyone else,” the insider supposedly added.

 Jay-Z’s extra security measures at the Lenox Hill Hospital supposedly included a bulletproof door, all CCTV cameras being covered and all staff mobile phones being confiscated so the location couldn’t be leaked. 

  “While they were at the hospital, Blue was assigned two security guards to accompany her wherever the nurses took her,” the source is reported to have said.

 And the security measures haven’t eased off even after Blue’s birth. “They’ve even got armed guards to patrol the area near their house,” the source said.

Beyonce defended the tight hospital security during a recent interview. “Security was very tight, but not just for the sake of it, it was for the security of our daughter,” said Beyonce, reports Star magazine.

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