Billie Faiers, Greg Shepherd and children – family facts

Bio and birth dates for The Mummy Diaries star Billie, fiance Greg and their 2 kids Nelly and Arthur


Billie and Greg’s vital stats:

Billie Faiers, born 15 January 1990
Greg Shepherd, born 1989 (we think!)


Billie and Greg’s children:

Nelly Samatha Shepherd, born 10 July 2014
Arthur Shepherd, born 7 March 2017

Billie’s 1st pregnancy

billie faiers

Billie, then 24, revealed she was expecting her 1st child in early 2014.

At 20 weeks, she shared the above selfie, and revealed that she’d watched her bump ‘pop’ overnight!

Billie also decided to find out her baby’s sex at this stage – and confirmed her gut feeling that she was having a girl…

Nelly Shepherd

nelly shepherd

On 10 July 2014, Billie gave birth to a baby girl named Nelly – her 1st child with love Greg.

She opened up about her 1st few weeks as a mum in an exclusive chat with us.

As a first time mum, Billie had to learn all about things like baby products – here she reveals to MFM how she picked her 1st buggies.

billie faiers nelly

She threw Nelly a gorgeous pink-themed birthday party when she turned one in July 2015.

As of 2018, Nelly’s showing herself to be a perfectly cheeky toddler! On the Faiers fam’s reality series The Mummy Diaries, Nelly called out mum Billie for going ‘pop pop’ during the night and waking her up ?

Billie’s 2nd pregnancy

billie faiers

Billie announced her 2nd pregnancy in the 2nd half of 2016.

In her 3rd trimester, Billie took to Instagram to reveal she was experiencing this super-relatable pregnancy problem.

Here she is pictured on 5 March 2017, her due date, at 40 weeks pregnant.

Arthur Shepherd

billie and arthur

On 7 March 2017, Billie gave birth to her 2nd child, a baby boy eventually named Arthur.

She later confessed that dad Greg had sort of persuaded her to pick the name, as it’s the name of his late grandfather.

billie and arthur

Once Nelly started using the name Arthur, too, that was it! Mum’s mind was made up…

Billie chose the stylish BabyStyle Egg stroller for her baby boy.

Are Billie Faiers and Greg Shepherd married?

Billie Faiers

As of March 2018, Billie and Greg are NOT married – but they are still engaged!

Billie Faiers was still starring in The Only Way Is Essex when she first met Greg, all the way back in 2011.

After 3 years together, Greg proposed to Billie in February 2014, while they were holidaying in the Maldives. You can see Billie’s engagement ring in the above picture.

Of the diamond, she told OK!: “He got it designed especially for me by a jeweller in Hatton Garden. The centre diamond is so big. 

“It’s a 5-carat stone with two smaller diamonds either side of a platinum band. I couldn’t be happier with it.”

No wedding date has been set, as far as we know, anyway! With 2 small children, we imagine the happy couple have plenty of other things on their minds…

Images: Instagram/Billie Faiers

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