Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds ‘reveal’ unusual baby name (no, not the one you think)

Hollywood actors say their daughter is not called Violet, after all...


These celebs like to keep us on our toes with their babyname madness, don’t they? So just when we thought that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had given their newborn a good, old-fashioned normal moniker (Violet), they go and hit us with a stonking great babyname curve ball.


Not only is their baby not called Violet at all but the name they actually appear to have chosen is a tad unusual for a little girl. Ready for this?  It’s…


Well, apparently – according to E! News.

While you’re processing that bit of info, we can also tell you that Ryan is making it known that he has no idea why people ever thought the baby was called Violet. The star told USA Today: ‘No, that’s not the name. I don’t want to get into that but I don’t know where that came from.’

Name blame aside, there’s no doubt Ryan, 38, has taken to fatherhood with much enthusiasm – if a little weirdness. He recently announced on the Late Show With David Letterman that he loves his daughter so much that he would use his wife ‘as a human shield to protect that baby’. O-k-a-y…

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