Boy, 6, hugs his mum for the 1st time, thanks to new 3D-printed arm

Alex Pring from Florida was born without a right forearm but US students built him a new one using a 3D printer


A 6-year-old boy has hugged his mum with both arms for the first time thanks to engineering students who made him a 3D-printed arm.


Alex Pring, from Florida in the US, was born without a right forearm and his family couldn’t afford a costly prosthetic limb.

But engineering students at the University of Central Florida have developed a functioning prosthetic for him and that cost just $350 to manufacture – because they created it with a 3D printer.


Six-year-old Alex is the first recipient of the arm created using a 3D printer, and he’s delighted with it.

“Alex was amazing,” aerospace engineering student Albert Manero said. “He is so adaptive that, within minutes, he was able to use the arm to pick up a rubber duck.”

“I want to be able to shake everyone’s hand, even hug mommy,” he told WFTV.

For the first time in his life, Alex can now hold anything using two hands – including his mum!


“Now it’s more emotional because seeing all the things he can do and how happy he is, that’s a lot,” his mum Alyson said.

“We were all so moved to see him learn and grow, and to watch his confidence take off,” Albert added.

The students are now giving the template of the arm’s design away free to anyone who needs it.

Photos: Katie Manero

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