Can you instinctively ‘know’ you’re pregnant before taking a test?

For most of us, we only really know we're pregnant after we've taken a test or at least missed a period. But some mums reckon they had an inkling WAY before...


Those lines appearing on the pregnancy test are normally the first bit of proof that we’re expecting.


But here at MFM, when we had a little peek into some of the chat topics from our mums on the forum, we noticed a fair bit of banter from people saying they just knew they were pregnant waaaay before the test, a doc or missed period confirmed it.

While you probably can’t really 100% ‘know’ until tests make it official – it seems there is something to be said for intuition, and sometimes your body gives some pretty strong hints, even very early on.

The mums who ‘knew’

“I did,” Niki_x tells us. “Me and hubby were trying but it was coming up to like 2 years so we no longer thought of it as trying anymore just sex really lol.

“And it’s so hard to describe. One day I felt no different then the next, I dunno, it was like a teeny weeny bit of my stomach just felt heavier, sort of like having a stone down my top pulling me down – it’s so hard to explain.

“Still I knew I was pregnant, but that didn’t stop me from doing 7 tests in the end!”

For sure, sometimes your body gives it away – or so it seems, gemarie86 says:

“I did. We have been trying for 6 months and although I had cut down on alcohol, I did not cut it out completely.

“I had a drink last week and could not stand it! The next day I did a test and got a positive.”

And finally – imagine ‘knowing’ literally straight away! Mickos reveals: “I didn’t know, but I have a friend who is adamant that she knows as soon as she conceives!!”😲😲

Celeb mum Kimberley Walsh’s story

kimberley walsh

Former Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh also just *knew* she was expecting, just like these mums did.

Kimberley told Hello! that she could sense she was pregnant with her 2nd child, Cole, prior to taking a test. She also put it down to a difficult-to-describe change in how her body was feeling.

“Before I had even taken a test, I knew it instinctively,” she explained. “I wasn’t suffering from morning sickness but tell-tale changes in my body made me certain I was expecting.

“When I took a home test early one morning to make sure, it confirmed what I’d already sensed. I was thrilled.

“The first thing I did was to wake up Justin and tell him, ‘You’re going to be a daddy again!”

The mums who didn’t know

If you’re feeling a bit out of touch with your mother’s intuition hearing those stories, fret not!

Loads of our mums were totally clueless about the fact they were pregnant until the test confirmed it.

Like PinkToothbrush who says: “1st time round I had no idea. I didn’t really ‘feel’ pregnant until the bump started to appear…”

And gazsgirl reveals: “Nope, I had no clue at all, was suffering all the usual [period] signs and felt just as I do before [it normally] arrives.

And the mums who was sure she WASN’T…

Every now and then, your mind or body (or both) throw a curveball – making you think in totally the opposite direction of what’s actually happening.

“I was convinced I WASN’T,” says KayeCee_And_Co. “Although, looking back I felt eerily calm about that month and had no real desire to test early like a maniac. Maybe deep down somewhere in my subconscious…”

Did you know?

Could you sense you were pregnant even before you took a test? Or were you clueless until you got that Big Fat Positive?

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