Chanelle drops two dress sizes three months after giving birth

New mum and former Big Brother star Chanelle, shows off her post-baby figure just weeks after enrolling at a boot camp

Chanelle Hayes from Big Brother 8 has revealed she dropped two dress sizes after attending a boot camp, just 13 weeks after giving birth to son Blakely.


The 22-year-old reality star has gone from a 12-14, down to an 8-10 after attending a fitness camp in Norfolk.  So keen to return to her pre pregnancy size six frame, Chanelle admitted she’s taken baby Blakely on power walks with his pram for eight miles a day.

She told new! magazine she lasted three days at the boot camp as she injured her foot, but says she’s sticking to the strict diet and exercise regime.

“Boot camp was so much fun. You get up at 6am, go for a jog and then do circuits. After breakfast you jog to the beach and do more circuits. Then there’s boxing until lunchtime and after an eight mile hike,” said new mum Chanelle.  Quite where baby Blakely was during this extreme regime, Chanelle doesn’t say.

However, determined to be a size six again, Chanelle hopes to return to boot camp so she can fit into her new dress for her upcoming 23rd birthday in November.

“Pregnancy really changes your body. Everything goes south! I call my arms “farms”, as in fat and arms mixed together. And I’ve got a really bad muffin top.  My stomach was my favourite part before – I had a little six-pack. I still haven’t got that back. But considering I’ve had a baby, I’m not too disappointed,” said Chanelle.


Chanelle enrolled at the No. 1 boot camp in Norfolk, which has seen many celebrities pass through the doors, including fellow Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton along with Kerry Katona, Natasha Hamilton and Darren Day.

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