Chanelle Hayes faces backlash from ‘superior mums’ after posting pic of son fallen out of bed

Chanelle Hayes hits back at critics on Twitter who labelled her ‘cruel’ after posting picture of 4-year-old son sleeping on the floor


Chanelle Hayes has been labelled a ‘cruel mother’ on Twitter after posting a picture of her 4-year-old son sleeping on the floor – after he’d fallen out of bed.


Chanelle posted the picture and tweeted: “How does this child sleep through falling half a metre from his bed?!?! Wowzers!! ‪#blakelyiscool”

Soon after the mum-of-1 was subject to a flurry of angry tweets criticising her for not putting a bed guard on Blakely’s bed.

One person tweeted: “@chanellejhayes #irresponsiblemother – where’s his bed guard? He’s probably concussed, not just asleep, child cruelty”

Angered by the backlash, she tweeted: “my son falls out of bed and I’m an irresponsible mother. God forbid he ever bangs his head or scrapes his knee– prison!! ‪#getbent”

Later, Chanelle, posted an ‘open letter to parents who think it’s their way or no way.’

The letter reads: “To all the “superior” mums who think they can teach the world to be as good as them… Whatever happened to climbing tress, making mud and worm pies, collecting tadpoles, riding bikes down the woods??

“Now it’s all antibacterial wipes, child massage classes, mollycoddling and worrying whether they might fall. If they fall, they’ll learn to heal themselves and get support from us!

“It used to be an adventure to fall out of bed, now it’s “child cruelty” to not have a bed guard. How do we think children survived before us?!

“Life is to live!! And I fully want my child to do so!! Yours sincerely, a “cruel” mother.”

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