Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid: pregnant!

Excited former Big Brother star Chantelle reveals she and Katie Price’s ex Alex Reid are expecting their first child with no need for IVF.


Chantelle Houghton has delightedly announced being 11-weeks pregnant with boyfriend Alex Reid. The surprise news comes just months after being told she may be infertile after suffering from eating disorders as a teen.


“Oh my God! I’m Pregnant! Let me through-I’m going to be the yummiest mummy there is,” the 28-year-old told OK! Magazine.

Chantelle also revealed that she and Alex, who had problems conceiving with his ex Kate Price, were only a week away from starting IVF treatment before she found out the news.

“The thought of conceiving naturally had gone out of my mind completely,” she said.

The couple are keen to find out the baby’s sex but traditional baby names are not on Chantelle’s agenda. “It won’t be Banana or Apricot or anything but I have a very unusual name in mind. Just you wait and see!”

She also revealed that she has had her first scan, describing it as a ‘magical’ experience.

Despite conceiving naturally, she told the magazine that she will stay focused on her baby’s development. She said, “I’m having more scans than I’d usually have-not because I need to, just because I want to for my own peace of mind, I don’t care how much it costs me, I just want to everything is alright.

She admitted to finding out the happy news four weeks ago. “It’s been so hard keeping it secret. I can’t wait to go crazy shopping for the baby!”

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